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Friday, March 02, 2007


Mark Brumley

There are lots of things widely misunderstood about the Catholic Church. Priestly celibacy is one of them. We're told that celibacy for priests was a medieval invention without any foundation in the New Testament. Not so, demontrates Cardinal Stickler. His brief but careful analysis of early Church history reveals that priestly celibacy is rooted in a biblical understanding of the ministerial priesthood, not in medieval myths and misconceptions.

Ed Peters

Thank you for calling attention to Cdl. Sticker’s little gem. Let me assure non-professionals, Stickler’s book is quite readable without a heavy law/theology background. Folks might also like to know of Fr. Ryland’s recent fine essay in Crisis (October 2006), and my technical look at some related issues in “Canonical considerations on diaconal continence”, Studia Canonica 39 (2005) 147-180, abstracted here:

Ed Peters

PS: the Ryland essay is on-line here:


Yes, men expect sex as an "inalienable" right after paying for the date, and women are not just "pressured" to conform; we are COERCED. When I was in my 20s and living in a dorm setting, the guys made my life sheer you-know-what just because I wouldn't "put out." Is it any wonder that "date rape" is such a burgeoning concern today?

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