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Thursday, February 15, 2007



The popular mantra goes, "you cannot legislate morality." On the contrary, it happens all the time.
As Fr. Schall so eloquently points out, making something legal puts the moral stamp of the government upon it for the average person. Thus, those Catholic legislators that collaborate with that legislation, while stating a private opposition to the "procedure", are really just trying to do as Pontius Pilate tried to do; they are trying to wash their hands and pass the responsibility on to the "will of the people."
Democracy, in and of itself, clearly is no panacea for immorality and the shedding of innocent blood.


An excellent article. The loss of life is horrific, but the loss of eternal life caused by the dreadful sin of abortion is even worse. And the number of deaths is even worse than Father estimates when we take into consideration abortifacient birth control. May God have mercy on us all and may Our Blessed Lady and all the saints intercede for us so that we see clearly what we are doing.


I've seen the same placard. I think Fr. Schall might be underestimating how well known the fact that abortion is legal and available pretty much the whole period of gestation. A frequent pro-abortion rhetorical ploy is to deny that there is, in fact, abortion on demand without restrictions. Most Americans are pro-restricting abortion (if not pro-life). I think the point of the placard is to get people to see that there really are no restrictions, which most Americans would see as a bad thing.

Is it effective? I don't know. Deficient? Probably.


Yet another excellent essay from Fr. Schall. Thanks. It reminds me of Scalia's devastating dissent in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992), where he writes:

"Roe created a vast new class of abortion consumers and abortion proponents by eliminating the moral opprobrium that had attached to the act. ('If the Constitution guarantees abortion, how can it be bad?' - not an accurate line of thought, but a natural one.)"


"A positivist legal system means one checked by nothing but itself, by its own laws, which it can itself change."
Fr. Schall has a way of saying it all! Paraphrasing Dostoevsky, if there is no God, anything goes. When our country recognized a divine element in law, abortion was illegal, mainly because medical science recognized the fact human life begins at conception. According to Charles Rice, (50 Questions of the Natural Law-a shameless plug for Ignatius Press-SPIP) American jurisprudence underwent a gradual shift toward positivism post in the 20th. c. Now, with a loss of the Natural Law, positivism can even overturn a truth of science.
"Unchecked by nothing but itself", humans make themselves gods and are thus are only species that is capable of destroying itself. The sin of Genesis all over again, in trying to become a god, man merely becomes a beast.
That God we have a Church that remains such a light of hope in dark world! Another SPIP, thank God for Ignatius, all of you are special light keepers who guide us toward heaven.

Kevin V.

God is punishing the West for its atrocities - its culture and its people are being wiped from the face of the Earth and all its accomplishments being written out of history.
We don't have to wait for the judgement of God, its here, now. Within 50 years the European continent that gave birth to chivalry, rational inquiry, the dignity of the human person, etc etc... will be under Sharia law and all those accomplishments will only exist in (illegally printed) history books.

Congratulations liberals, you destroyed a civilization.

Brian John Schuettler

Perhaps Arthur will return soon.

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