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Monday, October 23, 2006



And of course, the atheists do not know about what I would call the Divine factor; God's direct intervention in our lives that leaves no doubt about His existence.

The psychological explanation only gets us so far, but the contrast D'Souza draws is striking, and really shows us what a cold, barren, pointless place is atheism.

Brian John Schuettler

What Les calls the Divine factor I would call Grace and of course God intervenes in all human lives... including atheists.

Atheists are also on a spiritual journey, whether they admit it or not, and therefore the only real atheist is one who dies an atheist. With an attitude of presumption and without praying for perseverence any one of us could end our life in a similar fashion, regardless of how pious we presently feel and sound. The "sneering" that D'Souza refers to is, in my humble opinion, really a cry of pain for existing in a life without any real consolation beyond the emptiness of the senses. That cry could be, for all we know, an awakening of a heart to the light of Christ. Let us pray for our brother atheists that they may receive the faith and the hope that frees them from their pain and isolation.


Well said.

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