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Sunday, October 22, 2006



I've heard various unsatisfactory explanations but never a good reason why Catholics who have such deep dissension from clear, unambiguous and dogmatic teaching of the Church, persist in the fiction that they are Catholic in any real sense of the word, and hold themselves out as such in public.
Yes they were baptized, perhaps confirmed and some even ordained in the Catholic Church but they forget that Dignitatus Humanae is a two edged sword.
In #3 we see this,
"Moreover, as the truth is discovered, it is by a personal assent that men are to adhere to it."
And then in #4,
"Provided the just demands of public order are observed, religious communities rightfully claim freedom in order that they may govern themselves according to their own norms, ..."
That says to me that you have to accept Catholic teaching of your own free will to be Catholic and that the Church claims the right to decide what that teaching is. If your conscience tells you that you cannot accept Catholic teaching, shouldn't your conscience also dictate honesty? That is to say, there are a myriad of religious denominations out there within the umbrella we call Christianity. Surely some group conforms to your conscience.
Or is this simply mischief? Or wanting to have the proverbial cake and eat it too?
If you want freedom of conscience, you must accept the full ramifications of what that means.

Jeff Miller

One of my readers let me know that Liz Garrigan is a parishioner of the Cathedral parish there. When I have read her articles I figured her for a bitter progressive Catholic who is none to happy with her new bishop.

Ed Peters

I would mention that Choby is a canon lawyer, but people might say I was gloating.

Tom Harmon

"Propagating pelvic heterodoxy" sounds a bit dirty for Insight Scoop. You have no idea how many jokes popped into my head...

Carl Olson

"Propagating pelvic heterodoxy" sounds a bit dirty for Insight Scoop.

You should have seen what I was going to write originally... ;-)

Carl Olson

If your conscience tells you that you cannot accept Catholic teaching, shouldn't your conscience also dictate honesty?

If you are truly honest. But people such as Maguire don't seem to have much regard for honesty, only their passions and proclivities.

Paul H


Thanks again for blogging about this. I wasn't familiar with some of the information that you mentioned about Dan Maguire, such as his letter to all of the U.S. bishops -- very interesting stuff.

Larry Foulke

I love that we still have Bishops of the Church who will stand up and teach the truth. If we had more Bishops willing to do this, we would all be better off. Thank God for Bishop Choby. Thank God for all those who hold, defend, and teach the faith. Stay strong.

Elizabeth Anne Reeser

Bishop Choby is doing what he feels is best for the Church. I wish we had more like him who were so willing to stand up for truth and what the Bible teaches.

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