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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Plato's Stepchild

As someone put it so well in another blog:

I'm eagerly awaiting all the Historico-Critico apparachik at Notre Dame et al, such as Richard McBrien to launch into a tirade about how the Koran is not literally true, about how Islam should allow women to be muftis and about how Mohammed was not literally assumed into heaven and all that angel Gabriel stuff was metaphorical and not literal.


"His (B16's) lenses are very thickly Christian in terms of how he views the world," Gillis said.

Interesting metaphor, but what does it mean - that B16 needs special glasses in order to view the world in a Christian way? and that he uses especialy thick glasses meaning he can't view the Christian world without special aids?

More likely he means that B16 is incapable of seeing things from a perspective
other than his own. But why not just say that B16 is a narcissist and be done.

Perhaps thats too brusk for the gentleman. I say he is neither an expert in metaphor nor an expert in optometry.


I recall lots of people predicting the death of JP II while he was Pope. Finally he did die as we all have to at some time but not before the prophets of his early demise departed their earthly life.

The critics who deprecate Benedict XV's intellectual, diplomatic, and theological skills will also find sooner or later that they have been out thought and out played in theology, politics, and diplomacy already.

Habemus Papam!

John Sheridan

"Who does he think he is, the pope?!"



Has anyone told you lately what a great blogger you are?
Thanks for the great work.

Carl Olson

Has anyone told you lately what a great blogger you are?

No, but my wife told me this morning she wishes I would shower and change out of my PJs before 3:00 pm. I took it as a compliment.

Thanks for the great work.

My pleasure. Thank you!

Ben Swag


Hi there! Great post. This furor over Regensburg is insane, isn't it? I've enjoyed good reading about it from Fr. Fessio & Schall on this site, John Allen's piece at NYTimes, the NY Sun editorial, and some good excerpts that Amy Welborn posted at her page. Craziness, craziness. 'If you dare to say Islam is violent, we will kill you!'

Your wife told you that? ha ha ha!
I hope that the kids are treating the two of you very well. Take care, and keep up the great work.
A Eugene ex-pat in PDX [but not missing the hippies]...

Carl Olson

Hey, Ben, great to hear from you! Come visit Eugene sometime and we'll round up some anarchists, hippies, and Marxists to welcome you back. :-)


I think the Rev. Thomas Reese's problem is that he's a Jesuit priest who hasn't yet realized he's a Catholic.

What gall, what hubris, for Reese to make such a comment! Must be the lingering sting of being forced out of his editorship.

From the article:
"I think his problem is that he's a German academic who hasn't realized yet he's a pope," said the Rev. Thomas J. Reese of the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University."

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