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Saturday, September 16, 2006



Rosie who?

Tom Callaghan

Mr. Olson, you said, "... yet acts of terrorism, murder, and mayhem by such radical Christians hardly ever make the news ...". I am sure that you are not forgetting that the bombing of abortion clinics and the killing of abortion doctors are acts of "terrorism, murder and mayhem" AND that at least some of these acts have been perpetrated by people claiming to be Christians. They have and continue to be reported in the media and rightly so.

While not killing thousands, do you not think that these acts of radical Christians are as dangerous as the acts of radical Muslims?

Please bear in mind that I believe that abortion is murder and as an act of radical "privacy" its perpetrators are equally as dangerous, albeit in a very different way, as the above referenced radicals.

I also am not a Rosie O'Donnell fan but I see a point in what she said.

Plato's Stepchild

"bombing of abortion clinics"

Mr. Callaghan, please do a little research and then tell us how many abortion doctors have been assassinated and how many have been killed by abortion clinics being bombed. Then, also, please state the year(s) that these events occurred.

Then we'll talk.

For a side comparison, ask an abortion clinic how they would feel about being relocated to somewhere in the Middle East to practice their trade.

That may put the moral equivalence canard into crystal clear view.

Shaun G

One big difference between the Christian attackers of abortion clinics and Islamic extremists is that the abortion clinic attackers have acted in isolation, without anything but universal condemnation from the rest of Christianity.

In other words, there's no Christian denomination out there that condones such tactics; the sect of Christianity that these guys adhere to is always their own deluded creation, "Population: 1."

In contrast, radical Islam is a movement, and the violence it begets has much more institutional approval.

Ed Peters

Well, I was gonna say it, but Shaun G already did.

Tom Callaghan

I believe each person participating is capable of doing their own research and constructing their own opinions.

I am not aware that Exodus 20, Deuteronomy 5 and Matthew 5 give any indication that God has made quantity, conspiracy or chronology moral differentiators regarding murder. I am aware that the laws of the various states of the United States, the laws of the United States and of various other countries do apply certain legal differentiators to murder. These may even be based on interpretations of the referenced scriptures, and/or others, to construct various differentiators. But those constructions are man-made and subject to the whims of mankind, e.g. the abortion laws of the United States.

This article,, does not strike me as condemnation of a murder and the murderer. I think it is indicative of the vacillation some people have when confronted by the murder of a murderer. At any rate, it does indicate something slightly less than “universal condemnation from the rest of Christianity” concerning the killing of an abortion doctor.

Paul Hill, a one-time Presbyterian minister, murdered abortion doctor John Britton, 69, and his driver, James Barrett, 74 with a shotgun. Hill said God led him to shoot them and belonged to a small sect within the antiabortion movement that sanctioned the use of ''justifiable homicide'' to stop abortion doctors. At least in this instance the population appears to have been greater than one.


Mr. Callaghan,

Have you ever actually spent any time around people who pray or protest in front of clinics? THEY are the people who are/were probably the most horrified when something like a shooting or a bombing occurs. Back in my pre-baby days, I know that I and my friends would have been the first ones to raise the alarm if we'd ever suspected somebody was off his rocker enough to do something violent. Part of the reason these lone gunmen can do these things is because they are precisely that-- lone gunmen. Consistently, the bombers and shooters are not part of the "regular crowd" that meets to pray in front of the clinics every week or month. If you read the news accounts carefully, the response from the clinic regulars were, in this order, "How awful!" and "Who is this guy, anyway?!??"


Radical Islam is a myth,
e.g. moderate Islamic governments forbid freedom of religion.

Radical Christianity is nearly a myth for it would mean taking
Christ's words seriously.

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