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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Plato's Stepchild

"NOTE – The Holy Father intends to supply a subsequent version of this text, complete with footnotes. The present text must therefore be considered provisional."

Now THAT'S a teaching Pope.

Mark Brumley

Hey, folks: let's get commenting on this GREAT presentation. Really, it's masterful and lucid. A grand slam. And I don't mean the Denny's breakfast.


I linked to this amazing speech on my site. I was baptized a catholic but was subsequently raised in a pentecostal household. I attend a seeker church now and have grown in my faith tremendously but ever since my college days I feel drawn to the Catholic church.

I was enthralled by what the Pope said about reason, especially as the antithesis to what the God of Islam represents. I thought the speech was absolutely overpowering.

Mike C.

I can't help but think history will point back to this moment as the beginning of the re-Christianization of Europe. It reminds me of JPII's return to his homeland, which planted the seed to the end of communism.

"[I]t is not surprising that Christianity... finally took on its historically decisive character in Europe." Said in another way, the convergence of Biblical faith and Greek philosophy is what makes Europe Europe.

I do have one question: How does this affect JPII's Theology of the Body? Is not TOB a new synthesis of the faith? A convergence of Phenomology and Christianity? It seems PB16 is saying the Christianity cannot be divorced from Greek philosopy.

Brian John Schuettler

I waited this long before commenting because I wanted to read the text a few times to absorp the remarks of His Holiness. I must say that chills ran down my spine! B16, in my humble opinion, did an outstanding job of presenting the essence of the Christian foundation of Europe, the current societal and cultural debate that challenges that foundation, and the utter necessity to respond to that challenge by returning to the synthesis of the Gospel of Christ and Greek philosophy. It is very disturbing that the reaction of so many leaders of Islam to the address is that of anger at their erroreous perception of the pope's comments about Islam. Unfortunately they took the early quotes of the Emperor Manuel II Paleologus by B16 out of context to the entire address and it seems they saw in this an insult of Mohammed and Islam. This is unfortunate but not surprising and actually supports the attitude of these Islamic leaders that they can say and do anything in Moslem controlled countries to oppose Christian worship but demand that the countries of Europe and elsewhere not only give Islam equal religious status but even, shall we say, preeminant status. What they all fail to realize is that B16 was presenting to a gathering of scholars a short analysis of the situation in secular Europe and exhorting them to work toward a reimergence of reason (the logos) and faith that conforms to the nature of God.

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