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Friday, August 11, 2006


Mark Brumley

Well said. As usual. We should pray for the people involved, for those who are apt to be misled by them, and for ourselves that we not allow ourselves to be led astray by the Spirit of the Age rather than led by the Ageless Spirit.

Brian John Schuettler

Well done, Ed. This is just horribly blasphemous. I will take you advice on prayer and fasting.

Ed Peters

"The one and only Ed Peters." I smile, cuz as you know Carl, there is another Dr. Edward Peters at U Penn who writes on medieval religon and law, and we have oft been confused (to my benefit, and his bemusement, I am sure). I know a Catholic book dealer who carried one of the other Dr. Ed's books for years before figuring it out that it wasn't mine. Good thing it was good book!

Teresa Polk

Thanks, Ed. Very interesting article! I just can't figure out why anybody would want to do this in the first place who was not terribly confused about the nature of the priesthood. Surely they didn't find it too easy a challenge to do the things women are already able to do, such as: (1) praying and fasting over the conflict in the Church created by this sort of thing, (2) praying about peace in the Middle East, (3) seeking to know what God wants each one of us to do on any particular day and seeking to do it, and (4) seeking to become saints. But I guess if none of that seemed worthwhile, then a woman would have to be ordained to prove her value to the Church . . . . but then again . . . .

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