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Monday, August 07, 2006



An excellent recently published book:

It shows that the modern era of judicial hostility to organized religion and its symbols in the public square is directly contrary to what the Framers meant when they prohibited the establishment of religion.


I'm surprised they're not taking it a step further and demanding that St. Bernard Parish change its name, perhaps removing the title "St." Or, maybe they'll even bring the state of Louisiana to court to insist that it refer to its largest municipal divisions as "counties" rather than "parishes."

I remember someone on Christian radio some years back referred to the ACLU as "Anti-Christian Loonies United." I think the moniker fits. :)

Patricia Gonzalez

The ACLU is either downright weird, or they're all smoking "wacky tabacky" ... I just don't "get" them at all. Maybe that's a blessing...


Don't give them any more ideas...!

Brian John Schuettler

Patricia Gonzalez writes: "I just don't "get" them at all. Maybe that's a blessing..."

No, Patricia...that is not a blessing. You had better "get them" before they get you. The ACLU has an agenda and has had one for a very long time. They are the powerful legal mouthpiece for the secular culture of death. They love it when well intentioned Christians kind of smirk and make jokes about them. What they are really afraid of is when organizations such as the Catholic Defense League and the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights, led by Bill Donohue, challenge them in the courts. This is spiritual combat waged against the agents of Powers and Principalities, make no mistake about it. As strange as it seems, what Carl said in a seemingly fasitious manner is actually right on target. Who would have thought forty years ago that manger scenes, statues of Jesus, same sex marriage, and euthanasia would be the stuff of constitutional wars? To paraphrase one of the saints, pray as if it all depends on God and act as if it all depends on you.

Patricia Gonzalez

Brian Schuettler, I live in Canada, where we're not "blessed" with the ACLU. However, there remain plenty of challenges to the Faith around here. Every day, it seems, I encounter people who are totally clueless about, for example, how to behave in a church. As our parish organist, I play for many weddings. This is a good "teaching moment", as we say, for me to explain why some music is appropriate for a Nuptial Mass, and why some would be better for the reception. Also, a few weeks ago I (gently) corralled a young lad who didn't genuflect in front of the tabernacle. He didn't know why he was supposed to do it, so I told him. Even though he's in our Sunday school, it appears that nobody is teaching anything about the Real Presence to the classes. So as I said, even though we don't have to deal with the ACLU, there are plenty of things to be alert about just in my own smallish parish. And I am definitely aware that the ACLU has an agenda; I was just mocking their arrogance in insisting that all mention or sign of Christianity was so horrible that it's unfit to appear in public. They say the devil takes himself very seriously, so he doesn't like being laughed at, which obviously means he doesn't have a sense of humour. So that's why I mock the ACLU -- as a diabolical entity, they can be defeated not only by legal action, but by prayer and the odd dig in the ribs to deflate their pomposity. I definitely am aware of their agenda, and I pray frequently that they will come to grief in their attempts to prevent Christians bearing witness to their faith. Thank God that the Catholic Defense League and Bill Donohue's organization are leading the charge against the ACLU. May they prosper!

Brian John Schuettler

Thanks, Patricia, and keep praying. Between what I read in the news and what I have read in Michael D. O'Brien's novels, I have a sense of what the Church is up against in Canada. God bless you!


You have an organ in your church?! I'm sorry.. I can't help but feel a little envy... Then again, our hippie-inspired "We're All God's Special People" liturgical music probably doesn't go well with an organ.

Brian John Schuettler

"We're All God's Special People"
Wasn't that composed by Aquinas?

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