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Monday, July 17, 2006



Hi Carl:
     You may be interested in my reflections on Eastern Rite Catholicism in Ukraine here and here.


Very interesting. Growing up in U.K. prior to Vatican II, I was taught that the Anglican designation of the Catholic Church as "Roman" (because they thought themselves Anglo-Catholic) could be accepted by us as meaning that we accepted the authority of the pope in Rome. We were also taught that it was proper to refer to ourselves as Latin rite to differentiate with other Catholics of other rites. We were not given a lot of information about the other rites, however, because the main emphasis was on our differences with the Anglicans and other Protestants. I am ignorant of the differences between the Eastern rite Catholics and the Orthodox. I am under the impression that the major points of difference would be Papal Supremacy, the Filioque, Purgatory, the Immaculate Conception, contraception and divorce. Is this correct? Is there anything else?


Well, we in the Western Church use icons (e.g., Our Lady of Perpetual Help, of Czestochowa, and others) and pray the Jesus prayer, etc., etc.

Eastern Catholics used to have the Rosary and not to be afraid to have the occasional statue, etc.

It's true that there was a bet too much Westernization in the Eastern Churches before Vatican Two, but the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that Eastern Catholics have had precious things taken away from them. Some of them even amount, unfortunately, to Orthodox-Wannabes. The Melkite Church near me won't use the name of the Pope in their equivalent of the Eucharistic Prayer, for example.

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