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Monday, July 17, 2006


Ed Peters

I've been waiting --well, not really waiting, but you know what I mean-- for the unravelling of CC. I saw a tape of a stage show did some years ago, and, years ago mind you, I was disgusted by how phoney it all was. She has a pretty voice. Okay, maybe very pretty. But for Pete's sake, so what? Doubtless this girl has been terribly exploited, like virtually every other kid-phenom.

Carl Olson

How many young, pre-teen singing sensations turn out to be halfway normal? Or even have a decent career as musical artists later in life? I don't like using the word "exploited" lightly, but I would agree with you, Ed. This looks like someone who is either on the edge of the chasm of self-destruction, or already sliding down the slope. Sad.

Plato's Stepchild

Charlotte Church is another testament to the wonderful effects of the post modernist Danny Bonaduce style of catechetics inspired by the works of Thomas Groome.

I look forward to many more years of reading about the street altercations of Charlotte, formerly of the Church, Church.


How many young, pre-teen singing sensations turn out to be halfway normal?

Not fair, Carl Olson. What about Michael Jackson?


OUCH, cricket!

Some Day

That is what happens when when pop "culture"(she is a pop star right?) tries to mix with Catholic culture.
Pure water and oil don't mix, but it crosses every once in a while.


Another day in the life of being Catholic--we are forced to endure people maligning our faith. I'm sure the evangelical christians probably put her up to it.


This is so sad about Miss Church. Where are her parents? Don't they have a say in a child's upbringing anymore! She should not have been allowed to let the pop culture of Death get her down that road so far gone! I will pray for her. This is really sad as God gave her this gift as a blessing and she isn't at all greatful for it!

Joan H.

Dear All,
Charlotte Church needs to be confronted, and it is certainly right to boycott her CD's, but as a person, she is simply too precious to "write off". St. Therese, the Little Flower, prayed fervently for the conversion of a very hardened criminal, and before his death he DID convert. We, who have been given the gift of Faith and who are persevering in the Faith, in truth and love, need to be praying just as fervently for the conversion of heart of Charlotte Church. She may have been forced into an abortion and is suffering from PAS for all we know. We don't know what caused her to go out of control, but we DO know how to pray for conversions. All of us have years of practice of praying for family members, let's pray just as hard for Charlotte Church.

In the love of Our Lady,
Joan h.

Kip Watson


That comment about Evangelical Christians was un-called for! But doesn't it just put the whole sorry business in context.

It is a tragedy how the powers of this world and their prince lead the young astray, and no surprise that they would target this young woman who was previously so wholesome.

But is it any surprise the enemy has such a free hand when we Christians are so distracted by our own petty feuding.

She is a symbol of *our* failure.


As a pro-life nurse I am in agreement with Joan. Charlotte's reckless behaviors are symptomatic of post-abortion syndrome and or drug use. I have done a small amount of research on the effects of abortion on men and the evidence shows that after a couple goes through an abortion, the male will often take up new and dangerous activities such as illegal drug use, heavy alcohol drinking, skydiving, motorcycling and other wild, new activities not taken up previously. I have often wondered how many emergency room visits for injuries sustained in various types of accidents are in actuality, secondary results of an abortion. Prayer for Charlotte and her family, particularly her mother Maria Church who is supporting Charlotte's professional career is the best recourse.


I was in the audience of the pilot show and her actual comment was

"...I'm not talking about the nice pope, I mean the current one, the Nazi one"

Phil Trevathan

Very sad, indeed. I agree with those who urge prayers for her...and, I'd like to add, all the young people who are being seduced by the popular culture and are fed the watered-down "modern" Catholic instruction.

leni dinsay

Such a shock! A devil's work!!I will surely pray for her but I will burn all what I have that features her.

T.Carole LaChance

CC is a Harry Potter fan, and criticized Our Holy Father for comments attributed to him re. Harry. I wonder how much of an influence Potter has had in her life? CC is such a beauty, we have to pray for her and all young people.

Cristina A. Montes

It's such a pity to see Ms. Church go in that direction. To think that she sang many sacred songs! We really need to pray for her...and for all celebs.

Gary Crosland

I read about her travesty of a TV show. And this person thinks George Bush doesn't have a clue? At least he doesn't go around smashing statues of the Blessed Virgin and blaspheming the Eucharist on television. Yes, I think we need to pray for her. The alcohol must be affecting her judgement.


Church is a genius at playing the media, this has created a massive amount of interest for her upcoming TV show and has distanced herself from the very people she has been trying to get off her back for years - old fogey chistians. After all we're discussing her, and she doesn't know who the hell we are. She taking another giant step to another successful career.

Cristina A. Montes

Sometimes, I have this crazy idea that someone should start a movement in the Church with the particular charism of praying and doing penance for celebs.


I totally agree - let us pray for her. what a horrible performance for ?ratings?

Totus Tuus,


Please Let us all say a Novena for this child of God. We need to pray her out of this and pray that when she is out of this "need to be accepted by the rich and famous" she will evangelize for the Church. Thank you Ignatius Press for taking a stand.

God Bless


My first reaction was, "He got to her too." We should all pray for her. She has fallen victim to the evil one for he "prowls about the world seeking the ruination of souls." PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

Jim and other large retail chains to follow everyone keep writing.


She's only losing popularity this way. She thinks she's just gaining fans, but in reality, her fans were usually christians or people who enjoyed listening to classical music (which is not too popular among teens these days). I don't think it's necessary to burn her image, Phil, but we must be careful. We as Catholics should pray for her, as the above comments say. Does anyone think that it is wrong to be in Hollywood? I mean, it is possible to do noble things in LA, like Jim Cavezel (sp?) and Mel Gibson. If I remember correctly, there might be a Catholic group trying to make a difference in Hollywood. It would be a great help to them if they had our support. It's those people who can help Charlotte and other celebs.


I remember once upon a time, a certain Irish Singer got to big for her britches, or hat, and after tearing up a picture of a beloved Pope, could not sell a record, book a concert or appear in public without being booed off the stage. History does repeat itself.

kelly mellars

It is right that the Ignatious Press should take a stand from these sort of things, thus warning and protecting the rest of the Christians from been exposed to bad influences.

I think that the entry blaming the Evangelical Christians for her performance, is like the Muslims blaming the Christians for everything that goes wrong in the world. We have not been called to be hate mongers. Especially amongst people that call our God their Father.

He who is without sin...

God has used Charlotte Church in the past to bring glory to Him through her gift of singing, and it is very sad to see her going down the wrong path now. However, I agree with everyone who has said that we need to pray for Charlotte Church, as we would like people to pray for us when we are going down the wrong way.

Jesus died on the cross to take the sins of the World. All the sins, including this one.


I have always admired Charlotte Church and her amazing talent. What a shame and waste. Unfortunately I will NEVER listen to her again. I will pray for her, but I just can't bring myself to condone her behavior. All I can think of is "What are you thinking?"


Brothers & Sisters,
It seems apparent Ms. Church is dealing with chemical and/or emotional/mental/spiritual issues. We see things in the media but don't really know what is going on in her life and in her heart, or what her problems are. Regardless of her downward spiral, it is not our right to condemn. For sure, don't seek to imitate her behavior but don't judge and give her up as lost. Be sad for her condition. Pray earnestly for her. Regardless of the conviction of our beliefs, we are all human and prone to sin in some form - none of us are perfect, which is why we needed a Savior, the Lord Jesus, in the first place! Remember Jesus' words in John 8:3 "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her" and Matthew 5:44 "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven." God hates sin but always loves the sinner, and seeks to draw them back to Himself; that's why Jesus came.

As for the comment in one of the posts that "I'm sure the evangelical christians probably put her up to it" -- I am an evangelical Christian. While none of my community are perfect either, according to the tenets of our beliefs, it would be considered WRONG and SINFUL in the evangelical community to ever perpetrate or condone something like these actions of Ms. Church. Since our Lord has directed us to love, bless and pray for others, how could we ever please Him by attempting to disgrace or mock anyone?
I have many Catholic friends with whom I share a deep love of the Lord, and sometimes prayer books and prayer times. We may not agree in all matters of faith practice but we come together on the core beliefs that we do share, both in friendship and in effort that one of Christ's prayers may be answered "that all may be one." (John 17:11)
I wish all of you God's blessings, and I will pray for Charlotte Church.
- Catherine


Too bad! If she did this to get attention, she's getting it, but not in a good way. Everytime I see one of her CD's, I think; What a waste of a beautiful voice.


There is a lot being said about Charlotte Church lately, mostly by people who do not know the whole story of what is going on, on this subject specifically and even about her life in general. Perhaps I can shed a little light on this.

Right from the very beginning of her recording career at age 12 she was presented to the public by a slick advertising campaign as this sort of "angel", an image she was immediately uncomfortable with. She has grown up under the shadow of this artificial image, and has long sought to come out from under it, which is well known in the press in her native UK, but what is not commonly known is that she has not wanted to completely sever her ties with the past and still remains proud of her past accomplishments.

One person here I believe asked where her parents are. They are still active in her life, but one must remember that she is 20 years old now and not a child, and has been living on her own outside the family home since age 16. Sixteen was a very hard year for her, and she was for a time estranged from her family, and the episode took a deep psychological toll on her. She has mended things now with her family and is as tight with them as ever.

I have met her family, they are wonderful people, truly "salt of the earth". Her grandmother in particular is the rock of the family and a devout Catholic. Much of Charlotte's personal and public behavior, while being heavily influenced by the intense pressures of the entertainment industry, is balanced against her grandmother's influence which still remains powerful with her.

Her own personal religious beliefs she does keep very quite about, I believe because she does not want to offend her family but more perhaps because they are still evolving. She has stated in the past that she does not agree with everything in the Catholic church, and has even said that she is not a "practicing" Catholic, yet has insisted that she appreciates having been raised a Catholic and that it was a good experience and that she will raise all her own children as Catholics.

The controversy surrounding Benedict 16 originated at the death of John Paul 2. Charlotte has always been a supporter of JP2 and still counts meeting him as one of the most moving experiences of her life. While I am not as close to her family as I would like to be and therefore I cannot totally verify this I have been informed that at his death she requested to go to the Vatican to sing a eulogy for him, yet was denied. She then did one anyway, a hastily arranged live broadcast from London to the "Larry King Live" show. That last part I do know is an absolute fact as I have seen the video.

She also has sang every Christmas Eve at her own parish church, St Mary's in Cardiff (and I have even met her parish priest), including this past year, yet I do not know what kind of reception she might receive there this time. While she has angered many Catholics with her new television show the show has become a great success ratings wise and has been renewed for next year.

From my own studying of her I do agree a bit with some other posters here that there may have been some trauma in her life which is affecting her behavior. Yet I disagree over what and when exactly it was. I feel that part of it may come from an unknown childhood incident before she was famous, and certainly another part occurred four years ago around the beginning of the period she was estranged from her family.

In November 2002 she was due to leave on a Christmas tour in America with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, yet in a fight with her family she hastily moved out (I will not delve into the personal reasons why she did, as she has been long smeared by the tabloids over it), and it all climaxed in the day before Thanksgiving (here) when she was at the airport due to leave on the tour. While there have been denials there is strong evidence that Charlotte suffered a nervous breakdown right in the airport and refused to board the plane in front of dozens of witnesses. This incident was quickly covered up by her record company and she was sent on the tour under threat of a lawsuit by the promoters of the tour (I have independent verification of this lawsuit threat) while clearly in no mental condition to do so. Ever since then she has had a lingering fear of touring and much mixed emotions towards the traditional fans of her previous music.

In life she constantly shows that she is still embattled within spiritually and emotionally and is still developing. Charlotte is still to this day a very kind hearted person who loves children and devotes herself to many child charities, yet fame has taken a toll on her as she has publicly stated many times over. I think rather than jumping the gun and condemning her we should pause and pray for her, and try to see through the fog created by scandalous magazines and newspapers who distort the truth about her for profit. She is still redeemable, and I am absolutely certain that God is still at work inside of her. We do not know what His final purpose for her is, but we should wait, pray, be patient, and watch.


Joshua Brunken aka billiefan2000

I agree she needs our prayers.

I just read online that Singer Charlotte Church & boyfriend rugby player Gavin Henson are expecting their first child.

we need to Pray for their expecting baby at this time and pray Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church both come to know Jesus in their lives if they dont know
him already.

Charlotte Church Prayer sites:


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