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Saturday, June 17, 2006



Great to see Mr. Pearce mentioned. I am a student at the University of Miami, where he visited last year and spoke twice on C.S. Lewis, once at St. Augustine Catholic Church and Student Center on the idea that we might consider Lewis Catholic, and once in front of a multi-denominational group of students on "Myth, Magic, and Mere Christianity" at our University Center. Both were excellent.

Might I add that the magazine Saint Austin Review (StAR), which Pearce co-edits, is a great publication, that all Catholics interested in literature and "reclaiming what is Catholic culture" should check out.

Ed Peters

What fun that must be. Say hello to everyone for me, please.

Deacon Harold

Is it me or does Mr. Ahlquist look like Jon Lovitz? :-)

There is a Chesterton study group starting at the University of Portland in the fall. What a beautiful thing!


To me, Dale looks even more eerily like Bruce Perens in that photo. But then maybe I spend too much time in geek circles.

Sean P. Dailey

Greetings, Carl! My only regret about the conference is that, with so many people there, conversations are either too short or not possible. I am grateful for our short but informative conversation, and I hope to see you again at future conferences.

To me, Dale just looks like Dale: happiest (as the photo shows) when he's got a big fat cigar in his hand and some good wine not too far away.

Carl Olson

Sean: There was indeed some wine close to Dale that evening: a few glasses down the gullet and a few more in waiting. The Conference was excellent; it was a pleasure meeting you in person for the first time. Keep up the fine work with Gilbert! magazine.

Sean P. Dailey

Carl, it was a pleasure to meet you as well. Today is the feast day of St. Josemaria Escriva. Deo Gratias! Will Dan Brown ever have a feast day? No! On the other hand, he deserves some credit, I suppose, for generating so much interest in Opus Dei: inquiries are at record levels, with many, many people writing or calling to ask how they can receive formation from the Work.

Deo Gratias! :-)

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