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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Deacon John M. Bresnahan

The irony of all the attacks on "fundamentalist" Christianity of any sort (or on strong creedal Catholicism) is that it is the statist political fundamentals who turned the 20th Century into a slaughterhouse and it was Christians who did the most to close down their butchery while the American Left was in Love with Stalin.

Kevin Vail

Its really strange to read these pieces from the left.
As a Catholic who tries to practice the Faith as it has always been practiced and taught, without the novelties of the last 40 years, I see the last 3 Holy Fathers as intolerably in love with the world, swept up by the zeitgeist.
These pieces are always calling them "conservative". It's just bizarre to me.

Carl Olson

I see the last 3 Holy Fathers as intolerably in love with the world...

Don't forget that other Father: "For God so loved the world..."


I can't even tell who's who or what's what in the blog entry above. (As far as comments go, way to go, Carl!)

Conservative, liberal, fundamentalist, fanatic...

All I get is that someone is attacking someone because that someone thinks a word means something and the other someone thinks a word means something else and there is this clash and they think they are enemies when in fact everybody is in the same boat.
Make sense?

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