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Wednesday, March 22, 2006



These comments would be risable if they were not so sad.

"...established customs and traditions, such as the right of same-sex couples to adopt and care for children in need."

For how many weeks, exactly must something be done in order to become an established tradition these days?

As a Social Worker I hang my head in shame at the innovation of recent years to place children with same-sex couples, especially if men.

Here is no prediction at all but I am betting that in about 20 years we will start seeing our first sex abuse cases brought by individuals who were fostered or adopted by homosexuals.

Or will it all be kept in the closet by the social work system? Hey! Didn't the Church do that first?

Ed Peters

"...the city's board of supervisors on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution condemning the Vatican as a "foreign country" that is "meddling" in San Francisco's affairs."

What next? Secret handshakes among city council members and a wry "I Know Nothing" response to reporters' questions?


Say; how many divisions has the City of San Francisco got anyway? Nuclear weapons? Nah; thought not.

Plato's Stepchild

Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution condemning the cloven hooves of the Papacy. Rumor has it the Vatican is the strong horse in this debate.


Only 1-2% of the population are gay yet the squeaky wheel certaintly has garnered much attention.

Perhaps this is a good thing and gays will finally be tolerant of us EX_GAYS and the world will demand them the respect they are owed!


Ok, I don't pretend to know how placement works, but it seems that Catholic Charities is ceasing to place children in homosexual households... that's ONE GROUP. If you don't like the placement policies of ONE GROUP, go to ANOTHER GROUP. They're whining over something because they CAN whine, and because they CAN take offense and CAN make a point. Not because we're being so gosh darned oppressive. Mostly because ONE GROUP isn't giving them their whiny way. Lame.

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