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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Ed Peters

Plus, a 3d category, "doubting", which is neither questioning nor denying, but per 1983 CIC 751, is one of the elements of heresy. Newman once said, "A thousand difficulties don't add up to a doubt." But a single "doubt", canonically understood, has the same effect as denying certain matters.

Michael Barber

What Brown really wants to ignore is the fact that the earliest gospels are the canonical ones and these gospels are chalk full of references to Jesus' divinity. Those other so-called gospels (e.g., Thomas, Philip) clearly borrowed from the canonical books and weren't finished until well into the second and third centuries. In fact, these gospels were more concerned with denying Jesus' humanity than his divinity!

Just recently I posted some of the NT verses which speak quite strongly about the divinity of Jesus - check out my site for "The Biblical Basis for the Trinity".

Carl Olson

Michael: You put your finger on one of the great ironies--no, falsehoods--proffered in TDVC: that the canonical Gospels present a detached, ethereal Jesus, while the "gnostic gospels" describe a human, approachable, believable Jesus. Which only goes to show that either Brown is lying (perhaps), or is clueless about the texts in question (very likely).

Michael Barber

He is at least clueless, that's for sure.

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