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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Ed Peters

Mr. BLACK enters, twirling a lariat. He smiles to the audience and says "Yup. I've never met an adverb I didn't like, ....or, come to think of it, an adjective I couldn't cram into a sentence somewhere. My dear mama used to say to me 'Ronnie, you'll never impress them with intelligence, so just try to dazzle them drivel.'


Sickening. It's interesting to contrast this kind of piggish, arrogant, essentially masturbatory writing style (which I've yet to fully squelch in myself - a lingering Nietzsche influence!) with the extraordinary humility of Joseph Ratzinger's writing. The more I read of him, the more this amazes me, because it's clear that his mind is absolutely of the first rank, yet we see none of this bluster from him. Yet he conveys absolute security, while the likes of Mr. Black and Nietzsche in the end come off as basically angry, pathetic adolescents (and N used to be my hero!). Thanks for posting this, Carl. It was a needed reminder for this thick skull.

Carl Olson

Jackson: I'll never forget the wise words of an excellent high school English teacher: "Carl, you're a good writer — when you know when to stop." I've not always reined it in very well, but his no-nonsense remark was what I needed.

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