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Friday, March 17, 2006


Ed Peters

Odd that counsel, this late in the trial, are talking up their side to the press. Most good lawyers, at this point in litigation, don't give a hoot what the press thinks; it's totally irrelevant to what the judge thinks, and even the press has a long enough memory to remind Monday's loser about what he said on Friday. Or do British sollicitors assume that judges read the papers over the weekend, so heck, one more dig a PP's case can't hurt?


Just more spin, Ed. If you say it for long enough; heck, it might even come true!

I am not expecting a verdict on Monday. Their will be final statements from both sides then the judge will adjourn for a few weeks to make his decision. Mr. Justice Smith will hit the law books and he will also read (or reread) the two books before coming to a decision. He might give a verdict this side of Easter, otherwise, expect it week commencing 24th April would be my bet.

Btw: these guys are all Barristers, not solicitors. Heck, one or two are even Queen's Counsel (QC); so top of the legal heap this side of the water.


Many people think this is an opportunity for publicity for the movie rather than a bona fide lawsuit. Didn't the publisher publish both books and isn't it also involved with the production of the movie? This would explain why they are giving information so freely to the press. Lorena

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