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Monday, March 13, 2006



...And Dan Brown also said in evidence today that he couldn't possibly have used the HBHG book as the major source for his own TDVC because...
the ideas in HBHG were "too dense"; frankly I couldn't understand all of it and so I never finished reading the book"

Out of the mouths of babes and innocents....

Carl Olson

Clive: Is that an actual quote? If so, it's astounding. Was that in a print edition of a newspaper? I haven't seen anything like that in online reports.

Sandra Miesel

And he decided at the last minute to use names out of HBHG? Where else would he have heard about the Plantard and St. Clair familes as supposed carriers of the Sacred Bloodline? Or the lists of Priory members? The other side's lawyers must e awfully ineffectual.


Carl, the quote was from the BBC Radio 4 1700 hrs News -"Today" - transmitted approx 17.40 London Time. Suggest, if you can get BBC Radio online, that you listen for the 2200 GMT News on Radio 4 - lasts 45 minutes and they ought to have an even better report of today's proceedings as they have had the time to digest and analyse.

I don't think 'Ineffectual'. I think Judge Smith will find for the plaintiffs.

In which case, it gets very interesting as he has already asked Counsel for the plaintiffs what they would have him do if he finds in their favour. Options included ordering the pulping of every single, unsold TDVC book in the world! And stopping distribution of Sony Corporation TDVC movie.

Ed Peters

clive's info is fascinating. rememebr, all good jusge HATE to make a decision. really. now, i'm uncomfortable when judges ask PPs what they have in mind should they win (and they rarely do it in jury trials), but it often is done at least in part to send a subtle message to the defense: a la, if you get a reasonable settlement offer, boys, take it.

Michael Barber

I love your analogy of the thief who didn't steal everything. Great post!

Cristina A. Montes

Dan Brown claims he didn't base his book on HBHG? Maybe he's right. After all, Dan Brown has always been known to be truthful :P

Sandra Miesel

Or as Brown's publisher said in the WSJ: "Dan Brown always does his homework."

Carl Olson

Or as Brown's publisher said in the WSJ: "Dan Brown always does his homework."

Except when his wife does it for him...

Carl Olson

Actually, it wasn't Brown's publisher. This from a Dec. 29, 2004 piece from

Can Dan Brown be a brand name?

Much like the movie business, publishers are eager to build brand franchises. Among the most anticipated books along those lines is Dan Brown's next thriller, a novel about the Masons, to be published by Bertelsmann's Doubleday imprint. Suzanne Herz, associate publisher of the Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, says the target publishing date is sometime in 2005, but "there are no guarantees."

Retailers, meanwhile, are optimistic that the novel, which again will feature Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, hero of "The Da Vinci Code," will generate sales in related topics as well.

"The Da Vinci Code" spurred interest in religion and history books because it was well researched, says Bob Wietrak, chief merchant of Barnes & Noble Inc. "Dan Brown always does his homework."



From the London TIMES today, reporting on Monday, in Court:

in a fascinating 69-page witness statement released today at the High Court in London, where the American author is defending his worldwide bestseller against a charge that it lifts its key ideas from a speculative history published 20 years earlier, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

In the statement, Brown spends relatively little time denying the "astounding" claims of Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh that he stole the "architecture" of their book. He does not even mention the book by name it until the 39th page of his statement and later states that he has still not read of all of it because he finds it "extremely detailed and hard to read".

It also looks like, if the case goes against him, that it will all be his wife, Blythes fault

"exciting ideas, urging me to read the material myself and find ways to work the ideas" into The Da Vinci Code, which has sold 29 million copies.

"He spoke of his wife, Blythe, his researcher, highlighting "exciting ideas, urging me to read the material myself and find ways to work the ideas" into The Da Vinci Code, which has sold 29 million copies.

"In particular she became passionate about the Church's suppression of women, and she lobbied hard to make it a primary theme of the novel."

Mr Brown added: "Somewhere during the research, and well before I started writing anything, I learned that Mary Magdalene was not in fact a prostitute, as I had been taught in Sunday school. This stunned me."

So there you have it, Mrs Brown has a thing for the 'sacred feminine'.

As we Cockneys say: "it wasn't me, Guv."

Cristina A. Montes

Another irony: Dan Brown writes a novel spouting radical feminist propaganda and claims it's well-researched, then, when accused of having copied the whole thing, he blames his wife.

Carl Olson

Clive: Many, many thanks! Cristina: LOL! How right you are...

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