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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Paul H

Hey Carl,

Do you ever get any follow-up responses from Da Vinci Code fans, after you reply to their oh-so-intelligent e-mails on the blog here? I'd be interested to know if any of these Code fans actually listen to some of the points that you make. But I would guess that even if you do get responses from them, it's probably more of the same "you're a close-minded fundamentalist who is scared of a novel that after all is just fiction" stuff.

little gidding

Sounds like your correspondent was channeling some n-dimensional being and her babelfish was burping--"our flesh friend Jesus"?

Ed Peters

All those folks who have "I read banned books." bumper-stickers, here's an idea for you: "I read plagarized books."


Most ironically, he includes not a bit of original thought in his nonsense.

Carl, I notice that these hostile messages you receive are almost always poorly written. They also have a certain schizophrenic quality. Strange.

Ed Peters

Jackson: re: "schizophrenic quality."
i noticed that, too, in some of them...poor carl.

Cristina A. Montes

I'm the third one who has noticed that the pro-TDVC hate mail Carl receives are usually badly written. Oh well, one reason reading is recommended is that it helps you express yourselves better. Would it be logical to conclude that the quality of your communication skills reflects the kind of books you read and like?

Michael Hugo

This definitely sounds like a "translation" issue. Or some OTHER issue. Pray for them.

Peony Moss

What is it with DVC and attribution? "Let it Be" was written and sung by Paul McCartney.


Unlike Leary and McCartney (or Lennon for that matter), Jesus was not some mellow pothead hippie.

The wimpy, 'easygoing nice guy' Jesus is about as phony as Brown's...

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