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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Sandra Miesel

So why would Brown not only cite HBHG on his website as a source and within the text (condescendingly!) and base the villain's name on those of Baigent and Leigh if he hadn't seen the book until after he wrote TDVC? Not to mention showing Les Dossiers Secrets in one scene, fake documents made known to the world by HBHG. And why mention the Plantards and the St. Clairs as descendants of Christ if not via HBHG?

I still wonder if the suit isn't a publicity stunt.

John Michels

Mr. Olson-
I saw your "Da-Vinci Code Hoax" talk in Sioux Falls and I loved it. Thank you very much for all you do in de-bunking this anti Christian book.

Carl Olson

Thanks, John! I had a wonderful time in Sioux Falls. Once the diocese posts the audio of my talk, I'll link to it on this blog.

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