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Tuesday, January 31, 2006



The more the loony moonbats hate Opus Dei, the more I like and admire it.

Eric Nicolai

Here comes the tsunami
Whether we like it or not there is a tidal wave coming our way and it will hit the beach on May 19th 2006 when the movie premieres at Cannes and the DVC will be seen in theaters all over the world. Millions will be gazing with rapped attention. When this wave comes we should all just be ready to ride it. The movie will get attention, but so will the Catholic Church, and everyone will be talking about Jesus Christ, the role of women in the Church, the authority of the Gospels (which, by the way, Dan Brown doesn’t quote once, not once), Opus Dei, monks, art, chastity, real love and so much more. So let’s ride it! Isn’t this stuff wwe all love to talk about? Ascension Press has started a study guide for parishes, there are untold numbers of books on the subject (not all good), with the latest being Amy Welborn’s book on Mary Magdalene, and there is even a blog out by a priest of the Prelature, Fr. John Wauk, who like Langton, even studied at Harvard. Who would want to boycott this opportunity to speak and use the podium we’ve been given to clarify things?

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