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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Cristina A. Montes

I wonder if Atty. Veneracion a fellow-alumna of the University of the Philippines College of Law. If yes, I'm embarrassed. "Nakakahiya!" (Tagalog for "embarrasing")

Carl Olson

Cristina: I believe she is. Sorry. :-) BTW, thanks for your various comments on this blog. I appreciate them.

Jackson Esq.

Here's another lawyer who rejects the DVC nonsense. I've found that most of today's lawyers are merely technicians, having rejected the old notion of law as a cultured profession.


Carl, in your research have you come across a Clan Sinclair Study Center in either Noss Head or Caithness Scotland? And if you have, is Dan Brown associated with it in some way?

Cristina A. Montes

Carl: It's ok; I'm used to the UP College of Law having big share of...(thinking of a diplomatic term)...characters...among its alumni. I mean, many of our local politicians come from there =)

I'm glad you pointed out the lapses of logic in Atty. Veneracion's article. I would even encourage you to write a letter to the editor to "The Manila STandard". Many readers might not be able to detect the fallacies for themselves; some might think that just because Atty. Veneracion has an "ATTY" before her name, everything she says is credible and logical.

Dale Price

The brain cells escaped/
While we weren't watching them/
Like brain cells will....

Mark Laiminger, GU JD '86

As a prosecutor who does care about facts I'm more worried about jurors who buy in to TDVC than other lawyers. They're the same people who think CSI is a reality show and that's really scary.

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