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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ed Peters

Print is dead.

Carl Olson

I'll believe that newspapers are dead when The New York Times prints it.

Ed Peters

Seriously, secular newspapers cover competently (even rudimentarily competently) next-to-nothing that I need to know to fullfill my duties in life, and NOTHING at all than I can't learn faster and cheaper elsewhere. When I think of how many cumulative months of life my parents' generation wasted reading stuff that, even if covered accurately, made absolutely no difference in the world, I could weep. I am happy to see the kingdoms of the newsprint-dictators shrinking to the size of their own office, nay, their own desktops (in the old sense of that word).

Newspapers (and MSM-electronic) led the crusade to kill off millions of children, and they wonder where all the under 30 readers went? Moreover, a great chunk of those who survived the womb were brought up by parents who long-ago chucked secular newspapers from their lives, with evident glee.

We've got the internet now. May the secular press rot in peace.


Amen to that.

It really is amazing to see the papers dismantling themselves, though. A lot of the "cost cutting" actions the parent companies are taking (e.g. gutting the local newspaper staff and writers) serve only to hasten their demise.

Mark Brumley

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. Whence these harsh words about the newsprinted page? How is it that you all think the newspaper is about to be relegated to fueling the dust bin of history? Have you no sense? One purpose remains for the newspaper that the Internet and cyberspace can never replace. Like goes with like. So long as man's best friend remains there shall likewise remain a use for the evening edition.

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