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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Carl Olson

Excellent comments, Mark. I've also been puzzled (and a bit amused) by claims that any attempt to keep homosexual men from seminaries is "unworkable" or "unenforceable." It reminds me of parents who shrug and say, "Well, kids are kids; they're going to [pick one] drink, smoke pot, have sex, cheat in school. What can you do?" The answer, of course, is to be a better parent and be proactive in addressing those potential problems. Which is what Benedict and many bishops want to do. Besides, some seminaries have done a masterful job of keeping orthodox, heterosexual men away, so why can't it work the other way — as it should?


I think the seminary vistitations could be a very good thing that will let a light shine. Seminaries, like other institutions, can be used for advancing the personal agendas of those running them--and they are not always those of the Church. As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and some of those running the seminaries have been unchecked....

Also, Father Fessio made a very good point on National Public Radio's Terri Gross's show last night--seminaries which do require seminarians to uphold all the teachings of the Church, including whole hearted endorsement of the Gospel of Life and human sexuality are full. He said Lincoln, Nebraska, with Archbishop Bruskewitz is exporting priests.
I know as the mother of boys that I would not encourage any of them to enter the seminary if it meant they would be subject to a questionable sexual situation. It is hard enough to discern a vocation and it is hard enough to live up to the teachings of the Church--without having someone ostensibly in authority in the Church tell you your belief in the Church's teaching is intolerant.
We, in the pews, need strong leaders and examples who espouse clearly and with charity the Gospel.

Joseph Previtali

I think that it is important in this whole conversation that we keep in mind that there does not exist a subjective right to be ordained a priest. The Church is the custodian of the sacred mysteries, and as such, has the right to discern how best to dispense them. I have found this point helpful to keep in mind in discussing qualifications of candidates for Holy Orders.


Humanae Vitae...if the world would follow this, submit to the Church, life would be normal


Matthew, don't you know that Humanae Vitae is "unworkable"?

Mrs. Harmon

I agree with Joe.
And I want to know if he's one of the "American seminarians" mentioned at the end of John Allen's piece from yesterday:

Mark Brumley

Mrs. Harmon: Like Joe would tell us right here and now.

Nino Baldino

It sounds cute to you but as a former catholic (small C) hs teacher who had a 'chaplain molesting some dozen boys in the school its not so funny. Its the case of evil men joining the church to cast doubt on the pristhood and detroying innocence in our youth. The boy scouts have it right ,too bad your friends dont.!!! Nino

Sammuel Denizard

Wow. This is some really fucked up shit. What planet do you people live on?


How come there is no discussion about the risk of admitting heterosexual candidates to be priests? Are heterosexual men innoculated against sexual temptation? I think not. History, both ancient and recent, tells of popes and priests who have left women pregnant, and of bishops and priests who decide to run off with their female parishioners.

Using the lines of argument espoused here that gay men will find it hard to live in a seminary, what about life after seminary? Priests spend most of their lives outside the seminary, living on their own own and, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, they will have plenty of opportunities to have sexual relations with people of either sex if they wish to do so.

Let's be clear: the ability to be celibate does not depend on whether you are homosexual or heterosexual.

The level of discourse here is of such an immature level that it makes me sad. Instead of prejudging situations and predicting other people's future behaviours, why don't you do something useful and good and go out and give a helping hand to the poor or a helping hand at the parish, and stop prying and casting those stones?

God bless us all

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