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Sunday, October 23, 2005


The Catholic Knight

I hope and pray this comes true. He's going to need God's help to face the Hildabeast in 2008. Lord knows she's already got the Democratic nomination in the bag.

Ed Peters

Then the Lord knows more than I do (which would not suprising), but does Hilary REALLY have it all sewed up at this point?


Kudos to Ignatius for getting these great interviews!

Maggie cobb

Does he only go to Mass some Sundays or only get up early some Sundays?

Chris A

I am heartened to see a 'real' Catholic willing to go the distance, however, I am not questioning whether he goes to Mass every Sunday, I am interested to know what he meant by "the beautiful set of Catholic thought" vs "...praise and worship and preaching at the Evangelical church."

I happen to do the same thing myself, although I attend a Congregational Church with my husband and daughter. What I get is a wonderful uplifting sermon and heavenly music. In fact, I am priviledged to all the beautiful Catholic music missing from most of our services nowadays. They sing a full Mass every Lent.

Then I go to Mass and sometimes get more than a nod to a homily and listen to what can only be termed bubblegum church music, syrupy at best and virtually heretical at worst. But in the end, I am fed with far more scripture and can exercise my part in the royal priesthood, at the sacrifice and table of the Lord.


It's always disturbing to see purported Catholics speak glowingly of things Protestant. Was not the Reformation heresy, and ultimately the work of Satan?

Robert D. Griffin

I findit very interesting that the information above was posted by St. Ignatius of Loyola just the day before yesterday. I didn't know he was still alive.

Howeveer, I did enjoy reading the interview with Fr. Fessio, and I feel that I have a deeper insight into the personality of our new Pope.

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