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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Ed Peters

I've got it! Bush is brilliant. He's sent up a red herring: he'll let the liberals rip M, and help the conservatives score brownie points with restless constituencies, who both vote her down, and go home feeling fat an' happy, then WHAMO, Bush names qualified conservative, who sails through because everybody's proved what tough guys they are. The man is a genius. Why did I not see it before? Positively brilliant.

Fran Novotny

Is not Ms Meir a fallen away Catholic? That worries me more that her Evangelicalism does. I will watch the hearings with great interest--John Roberts will be a hard act to follow. Her 'Nancy Reagan' gazing at the President makes me nervous but I'm certainly willing to give her a chance to convince the Senate to confirm her.

John Powers

Yesterday on Relevant Radio/Ave Maria Radio's Al Kresta show, Kresta's sub made the comment that we should trust Ms. Meir because of her faith background, and her conversion experience.

So a "Catholic" radio network and a "Catholic" announcer claim that by abandoning the Catholic Faith, we should place our trust in Ms. Meir.


Carl Olson

One question I've not seen broached yet (although I'm sure it's out there in blogdom somewhere): "If Bill Clinton had nominated his personal lawyer (who had no judicial experience) for the Supreme Court, how would conservatives/Republicans reacted?" And how would liberals/Democrats have reacted? Hmmmm...

Mark Brumley

Quiet, Dr. Peters. You'll let the secret out.

Ed Peters

Oops. Sorry. Everybody, please disregard my post above. PS: JP, I think I know Al well enough to say that had he known about about M's Catholic lapse (assuming it is one, I only heard a couple days myself) he would not have put it that way. I think M is unqualified, and so I disgaree with Al, but I wouldn't go after him on the other point. Not on these facts.


CatholicNews reported that the rumors of Harriet Miers being a former Catholic were untrue:

Contrary to reports, Harriet Miers was not raised as a Catholic

When news reports first quoted the nominee's acquaintances as saying she had been raised a Catholic before joining an evangelical Protestant church in 1979, the editor of the Texas Catholic, newspaper of the Dallas Diocese, began checking records of baptisms and other sacraments.

"The Diocese of Dallas has no record of Harriet Miers or her immediate family ever having been a member of the Catholic Church," said Deacon Bronson Havard, spokesman for the Diocese of Dallas and editor of the newspaper. "We have checked all known sacramental records."

Ed Peters

Thx Dennis. Golly, why doesn't somebody just ask this apparently perfectly nice lady (who-doesn't-happen-to-be-anything-like-a-good-choice-for-SCt-Justice,-but-let-that-pass) this simple question?

Patrick Coulton

I want everyone who said nasty things about Harriet (many of them are not true) to stock plenty of crow in their freezers for later on.

Ed Peters

I won't say it, I won't say it, I won't say it, ....but check out yahoonews.

Carl Olson

Patrick: I trust you aren't including among those "who said nasty things." Criticism is one thing; nastiness another.

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