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Friday, September 30, 2005


Patrick Coulton

Wasn't Terri Shaivo the lesser of two wives?

Carl Olson

Nice point, Patrick. I'm sure that Michael Schaivo would assure us that Terri, shortly before her collapse, had indicated that if she ever collapsed, she wished to be divorced so that Michael could pursue a full, rich life without being encumbered by a lesser wife...

Sandra Miesel

There are cases now making their way through the American courts that aim to legalize polygamy and incest. Our Supreme Court has left itself no grounds to object. Social Security would be an impediment for polygamy but I fear that will prove a feeble reed.

Patrick Coulton

It would have been better for Terri if he had divorced her and
abandoned her to her loving family, but he swore in court to
protect her so that he could receive an insurance settlement.

Thus it was that Michael kept two wives.

Patrick Coulton


Have you read 'Under the Banner of Heaven'? by Jon Krakauer?

Admittedly, Krakauer is anti-religions, but there is some
interesting research on the dynamics of polygamy.


There are a couple additional details in this case that illustrate how disordered the situation has become:

First, as Bianca and Mirjam identify themselves as bisexual, this so-called "union" is going further than simple polygamy in the traditional sense of the term.

Secondly, Victor and Bianca were already married civilly and did not divorce before contracting this union. That this civil union was permitted under that circumstance implies that civil unions take precedence over civil marriages.

It's not just the contraction of polygamous "marriage" -- this goes further, and demonstrates that the doors are completely open to anything now.


Truthfully, this has been going on for quite some time. We have the wife and the significant other.

Lowell Johnson

I thought I heard loud cheers rising from Utah.


Polygamy is a vile, vile institution. If there is one way to guarantee the bartering of women, and their future treatment, as property, you have it in polygamy. You see the truly horrible emotional toll it takes on women in the Middle East when the husbands take a second, almost always, much younger wife. It's "legal" adultery, that's all it is. And for women, it's devastating.

Once again, feminists and their counterparts in the gay-sex movement have turned "liberation" on its head, creating yet another opportunity for women's degradation. Just wait, soon we'll see a reduction in the age of consent/marriage, and then every conceivable form of perversion and degradation against women will enjoy Constitutional protections.


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