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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Sandra Miesel

Ooops! That should be 2,000,000 killed in the faminines in the British Isles, not 2,000.
For those who want to look into disasters of the past, DARKEST HOURS is an excellent survey although it only tabulates events to the mid-70s.

Carl Olson

Sandra: The "2,000" has been corrected to "2,000,000". Thanks!

Jeff Grace

Thanks for a great article, Sandra! If anyone gives you grief, just go tell them to read Job... or Ecclesiastes. That should snap them out of it. :>


Loved this article, very thoughtful and informative... thanks Sandra!

Suzanne J. Rua

"From the standpoint of eternity, the End has always been near." Good point. Moreover, it was C.S. Lewis who once made another very good point in terms of how "upside down" our thinking can be. He suggested that the truly "extraordinary" thing about catastrophic events of Biblical proportions is not that they happen - but that they do not happen more often. God prevents more disasters than He permits.

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