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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


David Pearson

Interesting that Waxman came through with as balanced a piece as she did after coming across as utterly ignorant of Christians and Chritianity while conducting the interviews, at least with Olson and Nicolosi. She must have had a good (i.e., neurotic) editor running interference behind her. :)


Perhaps next the Hollywood gang can make a picture about a rabbi who kidnaps little blond children, and ask how they can make it palatable to a Jewish audience. And be sure to release it on a holy day, like they did with "Priest".

Daniel Crandall

"My guess is, studio fat cats would sooner offend followers of any other form of religious currency than risk forsaking even a fraction of their almighty dollar."

If this is true, than how does Ms. Erbe explain Hollywood falling over themselves to NOT offend Islam? In The Sum of All Fears the terrorists are changed from Islamists to South African Neo-Nazis. Hollywood, i.e., the execs at Fox, added a disclaimer, read by the show's star, Kiefer Sutherland, to the beginning of each episode of the most recent season of 24, stating that the show intended no offense to Islam.

Hollywood's god is money and it would offend any religious currency to chase after this god? I don't think so.


"If this is true, than how does Ms. Erbe explain Hollywood falling over themselves to NOT offend Islam?"

Umm, because they're afraid somebody will put a bomb in their offices or create a revolt for offending their religion?

Carl Olson

Daniel and Veronica: I think the answer to "Why does Hollywood fall over themselves to not offend Muslims" is still largely about money. The politically-correct line among most liberals is that to say anything negative about Islam is to spout the conservative/Bush/Republican line and is an example of hate speech. Hollywood producers and execs know that they would be condemned by their peers and the MSM if they did any such thing, resulting in bad publicity and, eventually, in a tarnished product, resulting in bad sales. I'm sure there is more to it, but I think that's the core of the issue.

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