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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Patrick Coulton

On the other hand, it would be nice to see
an effective boycott of CBS in reaction to the hatchet
job done on Theresa of Calcutta by Penn and Teller.

Carl Olson

I, for one, never watch CBS, especially not CBS "News". I'm mostly an ESPN kinda guy.

Patrick Coulton

Here's about a quote from someone who regrets not
having enough sex when they were young. WOW

How about one from someone famous who regrets
not doing more drugs when they were young.

How about a quote from someone who regrets not
having been drunk enough when they were young.

Be fair Starbucks!

How about a quote from some terrorist who regrets not
having blown up enough people.

Carl Olson

How about:

“My only regret about being Catholic is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving Jesus. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Life’s too short.”

Signed: St. Augustine


Very weird that you mention this. I just got a cup of coffee there with this very cup. I strongly considered renouncing Starbucks altogether, but weakened and gave up.

David Deavel

Who can save for retirement buying those frappa-cappa-whatevers at six bucks a pop? Brew your own coffee at home and think about how the aging population is going to end social security by the time you get to it.

Daniel Crandall

If you happen to be in the Southern California area, stop by an In and Out Burger. I have heard that they print scripture references on the bottom of their soda cups. Maybe I'll go by one for lunch today, and report back with my findings. ;)

Carl Olson

I wish In-and-Out Burgers were up here in Oregon. But at least we have many good alternatives to Starbucks (in addition to the home espresso maker). One of the best is Dutch Brothers Coffee, just in case anyone is up this way.


This is causing me great sadness. I go to Starbucks and use a card I get from the Catholic school so that for every cup of $2 coffee I buy they get 5% for the school.

Now I will have to rethink my weekly trip to Starbucks. Thanks for letting me know.


Forget what is ON the cup that may be giving them controversy...I think what is IN the cup is far more damaging and down right rank. If it were not for their foofy concoctions covering up that stuff they choose to call coffee they would be broke in no time.

Carl Olson

As Pilate said, "What is coffee?" ;-)

Michael Callahan

I think that more than the controversy about the cup and complaining about it we should ask ourselves as Christains, what are we doing to show the love of Christ. If I wore a T-Shirt to church on Sunday that read "Jesus loves Gays" what would your reacton be? But in truth he does. I am not denying the fact the scripture is blatantly clear on the gay issue. Nor am I as many of you may think gay. I love Christ and strive to honor him. I am also a Manager at Starbucks coffee. So I leave you with this question, if all of the Christains stop going to starbucks how will people like the one who wrote this quote ever see what a Christian truly is.

Carl Olson

Michael: Thanks for your comment. First, there is a significant difference between loving a person and disagreeing with their actions or lifestyle. Secondly, there is also a big difference between actual bigotry and deciding to not support a company because of its apparent promotion of the gay lifestyle. Thirdly, there is difference between being "gay" and being homosexual; the former refers to a lifestyle that embraces homosexual acts as morally fine, while the latter can refer to a wider range of things, including persons who have homosexual tendencies and seek to live a chaste, holy life.

I worked for several years in downtown Portland for a large department store chain and many of my co-workers were gay; that is, they were very open about their lifestyle and demanded that others (including myself) validate them in that lifestyle. I chose to dialogue with several of them, eventually having some very long conversations about these various issues. Some of them eventually told me that I was a bigot for being opposed to the gay lifestyle. But others recognized that I had drawn a clear and logical distinction. This has always been my approach to the matter and I have never treated a gay or homosexual person differently than I would treat anyone else.

You wrote: "if all of the Christains stop going to starbucks how will people like the one who wrote this quote ever see what a Christian truly is." Well, I never spend more than 10-20 minutes on any given day (or week, for that matter) in a Starbucks, and I never go to a Starbucks looking for gays to evangelize. I go to have coffee. Besides, there are always plenty of opportunities to engage in conversation with gays or homosexuals; it's a regular occurance for me where I live and in my various travels.

Finally, again, my initial post was about the actions of Starbucks in apparently promoting, very publicly, the belief that the gay lifestyle is a good one. I disagree with Starbucks on that count and I believe it is my right to let them know about that. Starbucks, of course, has the right to continue promoting Gay Pride parades and such if they choose. But to imply that to stop frequenting Starbucks is somehow un-Christianlike or even somehow homophobic is illogical and smells of reverse bigotry.

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