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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Carl Olson

A fine review of an excellent movie. Although it has gotten very good reviews for the most part (84% positive at, some have criticized it for being too slow, too full of talk, too serious. I liked it for all of those reasons. "Batman Begins" throws out all of the campy silliness of past Batman movies and gives a very entertaining and thoughtful character study and morality tale. Counting this movie, I've really enjoyed the last three movies directed by Christopher Nolan (the other two being "Insomnia" and "Memento"). Not only is he able to establish a perfect mood, he is able to handle two things very well (both as a director and as co-screenwriter): developing characters and telling stories—no small feat in a big budget movie of this sort.

russ clark

An excellent review. I will concede that I was a comic book collector and still have a very valuable collection of Batman comics, so I am prejudiced. This movie is great for a number of reasons. 1. Very little gratuitous violence. The violence that does occur is integral to the movie. 2. No gratuitous sex scenes. 3. No love story, this is important since in the comics the only real love interest Batman ever has is with Cat Women. 4. Wonderful development of charachter and accesories, i.e. bat cave, bat car, bat belt and fighting skills. 5. Batman's saving of Gotham is far superior to anything achieved in a James Bond movie. 6. Future commissioner Gordon & Alfred are developed in excellent ways. 7. Wonderful realism, not cartoonish or comicbookish. 8. Lastly & most importantly, great villians.

When I compare this movie & The Lord of the Rings to the last three Star Wars movies I come away wondering, "what was wrong with Lucas and what was he thinking and hoping to achieve"

FYI: I understand that Christian Bale has signed on to do seven more Batman movies.

Pat Gonzalez

I just saw it this afternoon, while my husband & younger son took in War of the Worlds. From what they said, I made the better choice. To echo what you've said, Carl, this film is a great story, very skillfully told, with amazing effects, and fine performances by all, especially Christian Bale in the title role. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are always a joy to watch, and Liam Neeson is suitably enigmatic and sinister for his role. I'd have liked to see more of Gary Oldman, but that's a minor quibble -- I'm sure he'll be back, as Arnie would say! The director, Christopher Nolan, is a great story-teller, and paced the plot so that nothing dragged ... from the very beginning, I was hooked, and to be honest, I'm "batty" (sorry!) about this film!

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