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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Ed Peters

Whenever someone proclaims himself "a strong Catholic" I know what's coming. The good Catholics I know NEVER describe themselves that way. They just don't.


Read 'em and weep:

and check out what my Dear Leader gets to listen to when he goes to church:

How is it that such a great Pope like John Paul II could have appointed bishops that permit the wolves to devour the flock? How is it that nearly 40 years after the Satanic Winnipeg Statement we have only a single solitary bishop who has the courage to stand up for Jesus Christ?

It's just something I don't understand. John Paul II was so absolutely magnificent in other areas of his pontificate, but how do we reconcile this with his appointments? If we hold presidents accountable for the judges they appoint, why don't we hold the pope to account for the bishops he sends us?


Anyways, great post Carl, especially the biblical passage.


The culture of death was brought to Canada primarily by Catholics.

It has now taken over completely and is kept in place primarily by Catholics.

It's such a disgrace.


Americans may have invented cuomospeak, but Canadians perfected it.



Not only a great biblical reference - today's reading. Good work.

Pat Gonzalez

BillyHW: It is indeed a disgrace that Paul Martin doesn't have the wherewithal to stall the "gay marriage" movement. These days, if you say that homosexual behaviour is sinful, that's regarded as hate speech. Indeed, if I'm not mistaken, the current sitting of Parliament is about to debate that very topic, or has tabled it for future debate. As for your last note, that Catholics are the main supporters of the Culture of Death, this one sure isn't!! And you've forgotten Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who is Jewish. It was nauseating to hear his speech at Western U. in London, Ont. last week proclaiming his commitment to "women's rights". As you know, he's one of the "pioneers" in the pro-abort movement here in Canada. He's definitely not Catholic, and IMHO, not much of a practising Jew either.


Sounds as if Martin is a bit confused. If he was a "good" Catholic he must have read the Bible which states that you cannot serve two masters!


Pat, of course I was making a sweeping generalization, but it is empirical fact that the vast majority of culture of death MPs and PMs of the past 40 years have been Catholic. And so have a great chunk of the voters who elected them.

Canada actually has a very high percentage of Catholics on paper, much higher than the U.S. Morgentaler wouldn't have been able to do what he did if it wasn't for Canadian Catholics that let him.

That's why it's so frustrating and depressing that Canada is in such a sorry state. It makes no sense.

Dave Armstrong pretty much sums up my feelings here:

And of course, I deserve full blame as well. For about 5 voting years years I was an idiot "Catholic" type who was completely ignorant of the culture of death that was taking over our country.


Whenever someone proclaims himself "a strong Catholic" I know what's coming. The good Catholics I know NEVER describe themselves that way. They just don't.

So true. Whenever you here a Catholic talk about how strong of a Catholic they are, it's time to raise shields, because you're about to get torpedoed.


And you've forgotten Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who is Jewish. It was nauseating to hear his speech at Western U. in London, Ont.

Yes, I also found it nauseating. If it was my convocation I would have had to postpone it, or I might have done something violent like run up to the podium and tackle him in the middle of the speech.


Hey check out what happened today!


Deacon John M. Bresnahan

The biggest problem we have in Canada and the U.S. is that we are coming off centuries of a tradition that says you can't mix religion and politics--that has now-through a drastic change in what are the key issues at stake-- mutated into you can't mix morality and politics. Many Catholics--probably enough to swing elections--need to realize that many of the political parties into which they were born have sold them out as this change has taken place. Sadly, it sometimes takes a generation or two for the public to catch on. My parents were Democratic Party activists until their deaths. My wife and I are "independent." Our 4 children are conservative Republicans and the word Democrat makes them nearly ill. Yet we all are traditional Catholic in our moral outlook.

Colm O'Higgins

Very dark times for us Canadian Catholics indeed. As someone already mentioned, most of our politicians over the last 40 years have been 'Catholics' and yet worked tirelessly for the culture of death. In my recent discussions with fellow Canadians on the issue of SSM, I find many who dismiss any cause for alarm or action as highly irrational and rather intend to be a passive audience while secular Canada, quite literally, takes its own life with Bill C-38. This frustrating passivity is of course not limited to Catholics, and although the axiom 'much is expected of those who have much' makes us particularly guilty in this case, I find the same blase indifference in nearly all Canadians regardless of denomination or lack thereof.

Re hate speech: The Kempling ruling decided public utterances in disagreement with homosexual behaviour are akin to hate speech and hence illegal. Although Bill C-38 includes provisions which state private citizens, religous or not, do not have to perform SSM if they chose not to, the authority in this respect belongs to the province (as seen with the KofC & Kempling cases) and not in any way to Ottawa. Provinces would have to use section 33 of the CRF to actualize this provision - behaviour unheard of outside of Quebec.

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