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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Carl Olson

The Archbishop of Portland usually avoids controversy or attention at all costs. Wonder what's up with that...


Denver is currently looking for an auxiliary bishop since we lost Bishop Gomez. I hope that Fr. Fessio will be appointed to Denver instead of S.F.

Paul H

I'm a bit confused here since I know very little about Archbishop Levada. Do the bloggers here consider him to be a good choice for the head of the CDF, or a not-so-good choice? Or maybe somewhere in between?


This is a non-issue to me. Could it have possibly been made more clear, between the death of John Paul II and the selection of Benedict XVI, that God is at work in the Catholic Church?


This is getting funny. Levada yes. Levada no. Levada we are not sure.

Then with Fr. Fessio Archbishop of San Francisco. Now that would be the epitome of irony. Not a happy one for USF, I would guess. Not a happy one for the superiors who all but exiled him from the SF area. I think he would be great as an archbishop, in San Francisco or wherever. However, he was very clear about two or three weeks ago about Jesuits not accepting that ordination or "job promotion." It is said he said this in relation to explaining why those Jesuits connected with being students of Pope Benedict XVI and helping with founding of Communio are not of the bishopric rank, though the other priests have been raised to this level.

Carl Olson

Just for the record, in case anyone asks, I've not yet received a call from Rome. But I'm waiting patiently...

Mark Brumley

Well, Carl, actually Rome called here first to ask about you. I said you were busy.

Carl Olson

Busy!? I only work 30 to 40 minutes a day! C'mon!

Mark Brumley

Yeah, but at least 20 of the 30-45 minutes a day you work, you work for Igatius Insight. I've gotta protect our readers from Rome taking you away.

Ed Peters

Boys, take this inside. C'mon now.

Steve Ambuul

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin originally recommended Archbishop Levada. Levada was on the CDF before Ratzinger was. I have friends who have big misunderstandings of the Catholic faith and in my friendship and correspondence with them, I tend to try to clear up misunderstandings. My good relationship with them is exactly the reason I'd never recommend them as an author or speaker on things dogmatic. Pope Benedict does know Levada very well, which is why I believe Levada has no chance to be appointed as CDF.

Father Fessio as Bishop of SF would be awesome! One can dream, right? ahhh. Ok, now back to reality. I don't think the source is credible.

Mark Brumley

I agree. No chance. None whatsoever. It's utterly impossible.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute... something is coming through now over the news wire: "Archbishop William Levada of San Francisco has just been named Prefect of the ..."

As I was saying, Archbishop Levada will certainly be appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Who could possibly think otherwise?

Any questions?

alan funky

Fr. Fessio back to SF as bishop is more a dream come true for his many students who lived through the mid-to-late '80s with him and SII, and want to see the likes of Fr. Cartwright and the Sugar Plum Fairy run screaming from Xavier. Better that he's building a strong, intellectual center, even if it is in Florida swampland.

Steve Ambuul

WOW! How can I delete my old comments?

Wait, maybe I should be organizing an enormous party to welcome Bishop Fessio to San Francisco!

Aida Cordano

I pray the Holy Father has Fr. Fessio in mind as the replacement for Archbishop Levada -- and that he reminds him of the Jesuit's fourth vow.

Aida Cordano

I pray the Holy Father has Fr. Fessio in mind as the replacement for Archbishop Levada -- and that he reminds him of the Jesuit's fourth vow.

St. Peter's helper

San Francisco is in dire need of social and ecclesial orthodoxy! The faithful ought to fervently pray for an Archbishop who will brave not only the winds of error and the storm of confusion but who will be an obedient and loving server and co-worker of the Truth! History tells us that Father Joseph Fessio is prepared for this role. He described himself once as being "thick-skinned". He forgot to add that inside the thick skin bears the Heart of Christ.

Servant of God John Paul II, we ask for your intercession that if it be accordance with the will of God, Father Joseph Fessio S.J. be the next Archbishop of San Francisco.

St. Peter's helper

There's something providential in all of this. Instead of explaining it again, check out "What's in a name" in my blogsite. Just click the hyperlink "St Peter's helper" below.


Notice that the rumor of Fr. Fessio to Frisco is far more popular than the rumor of Archbishop Levada to CDF. I wonder if Fr. Fessio as Archbishop would formally excommunicate all the nominally Catholic politicians in his diocese who have been beating the drum for homosexual marriage and abortion on demand?


How about the next Archbishop of San Francisco excommunicating all the nominally Catholic Bishops and Priests in his diocese???

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