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Monday, April 04, 2005


Pat Gonzalez

Blah, blah, blah ... indeed! So many words, so little sense!

Jim Crosson

The Pope isn't buried yet and we are hitting the me versus them buttons! The next Pope has such an awesome challenge -- including the distinct possibility that the Choice to be the next pope may be the last straw for millions of Catholics in America -- I think we have to lay down our "weapons" and seek to hold hands for the future of our Church. A good place to start is by beginning to appreciate the enormity of the Grace of John Paul's loving service to His Church. I long ago gave up labeling John Paul. My God, look at what he has done in evangelization, and relations with the Jews, and asserting our stand on the death penalty and the war in Iraq! We really need to drop all labels and get on with saving and renewing the Church, as he certaily would want us all to do. Pope John Paul the Great, you are now in Heaven, please pray for us and the future of Holy Mother Church. Jim Crosson


God Bless John Paul, and our next Pope. And may God help the MSM, as they just don't get it.


///a way different from the human way. ///

Tell me, does the author of this piece bother to define what "the human way" is?


It's very distressing to hear MSM talk about issues they truly do not understand. We are so blessed to have EWTN and other Catholic media outlets such as this one which serve the Church faithfully.

I know Pope John Paul II is praying for the church and we should all do the same.

Joseph Previtali

Francis Cardinal George, who will be voting in the conclave, once said: "The teaching of the Catholic Church is neither liberal nor conservative - it is true."

When will we start realizing that those who are faithful to the Church's teachings aren't the "conservatives" and those who are not faithful to the Church's teachings aren't the "liberals"?

The issue at hand is orthodoxy, or fidelity. Either a Catholic is faithful, or he is not. This political understanding of the Church is one of the most nauseating things about the MSM's Catholic coverage.


Dear Mr. Olson,

What is your opinion of Cardinal Hummes?


Well, the Telegraph got it partially right "For all that people have tried to place him in categories of right and left, radical and conservative, Pope John Paul II confounded them time and again. ..."

Mark Brumley

Papal prediction: The next Pope wil be a ... Catholic.

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