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Monday, April 11, 2005


Nancy Brown

Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if Dan Brown himself didn't consult with McBrien, or do I mean McBrien consults with Dan Brown? I'm not sure. Two peas in a pod.


I'm praying one of the top concerns of the conclave is all the poorly catachized Catholics which we can see from these polls, the ones where people want this or that teaching to change. Maybe the new Pope can be the one to put the smackdown on false shepards leading people astray. A theological shepard's staff to the forehead. I'm praying we won't be hearing McBrien for too much longer (unless he repents and gets in line with the Church).


I'm telling you, this school has more stories then sense.
Isn't this the same school that had the nun going against Church teaching to hold a controversial play a few months ago?
Don't they have to answer to anyone with this type blatant display of defiance?

B. Holmes

Yes, we all know McBrien's reputation... who's consulting who in this little enterprise is anybody's guess. But Fr. McBrien does have a unique chance that many do not have, to bear witness to the Gospel, truthfully and charitably, among real rascals and enemies of the Church. Hopefully McBrien will make good on this deal in God's eyes. Unfortunately they will make their movie whether McBrien is involved or not.


Appoigny dans le film " The Da Vinci Code "
Une scène du film " The Da Vinci code " (réalisé
par Ron Howard et Tom Hanks) sera tournée
dans la Collégiale d'Appoigny (Yonne) durant
l'été 2005. Classée Monument Historique, cette
église possède en effet un Jubé réplique exacte
du "Lirva Reimerp" décrit dans le célèbre
ouvrage de Dan Brown(..)


Appoigny in the film "The Da Vinci Codes" A scene of the film "The Da Vinci codes" (carried out by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks) will be turned in the Collegial one of the little village of " Appoigny " (France) during the summer 2005. Classified Historic building, this church has Jubé indeed retorts exact of "Lirva Reimerp" describes in the famous one work daN Brown (.)

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