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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Sandra Miesel

Any chance the Cardinal will examine the debunking books that are already out there (and I don't mean just ours)? Or is he going to try to do it from scratch?


Perhaps "The Hoax" should be translated into Italian?

Carl Olson

Mel: It's currently being translated into Spanish and French. Not sure if other languages are being considered.

Mark Brumley

We're working to try to get publishers in other languages as well.

Mark Brumley

I wish the Vatican would just get on with it, send out the legion of Albino monks, and finish this business about THE DA VINCI CODE. It's getting tiresome and it's distracting us from our true goal--setting things up for world domination by the Pope after the Rapture.

Mark Sauser

Fiction is in the mind of the beholder. I recall that Call To Action actually had a seminar on the book.

Chris Start

Living in the academic world (undergraduate), it is a breath of fresh air to get some real leadership from the Church on this issue.
I've been on sensative grounds with good friends over this fraudulent book. If I hear the "its just fiction" line again, I will drag that person to the nearest computer and make them read some of the posts here on this site!

Lorraine Shelstad

Believe it or not, The Da Vinci Code has been translated into Thai and in Thailand it is quite popular! I would like to see The Da Vinci Hoax transalted into Thai or at least see the English version for sale here in Thailand.

Ellen Brown

If the Roman Catholic Church With Its New Leader, Pope Benedict XVI, Has Problems With “The Da Vinci Code” Wait ‘Til They Read ER Escober’s “The Givenchy Code”

New Parody of The Da Vinci Code has more explosive secrets. It takes the “Holy Grail plotline” to a more bizarre and twisted level, poking fun at that “other code” novel while simultaneously paying tribute to it.

(PRWEB) April 21, 2005 -- New York Times’ Maureen Dowd slammed the Vatican’s slam against Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. She said that the Vatican had no sense when it undercut the bestseller’s positioning of Jesus Christ marrying Mary Magdalene and having children together. She bitterly criticized the Catholic Church’s speaking out against what it labeled “shameful and unfounded lies” in the novel and asking of its constituents to not buy nor read the novel. Well, the Church is in for another shocker in ER Escober’s The Givenchy Code, a parody and homage to Dan Brown’s best-selling novel.

As an homage, the novel stands as an equally invigorating and cryptologically astute paean to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. As book reviewer Allen Gaborro puts it, Escober “does not try very hard to hide the almost literal similarities of his narrative to those of the Da Vinci Code…to the point where you would swear you were reading The Da Vinci Code all over again. In The Givenchy Code, you have the hair-raising specters of cold-blooded murder, conspiratorial machinations, perilous escapades and intractable machinations afoot… which closely simulates the structure and atmosphere of Dan Brown’s book while steering clear of the sensitive borders of plagiarism.”

As a parody, the book’s inventive spoof and imitation of The Da Vinci Code, especially its own bombshell of a secret concerning the Grail, can be considered as explosive-- and as offensive to the Catholic Church-- as the Da Vinci Code’s Mary Magdalene storyline. The Givenchy Code’s cover, a Mona Lisa who not only smiles but also conspiratorially winks at us, hints at this surprising-beyond-belief mystery of the Holy Grail. No shortcuts are permitted here, though this much can be revealed: the ‘secret’ has nothing to do with Mary Magdalene…and the Grail is not a cup…definitely not a cup.

Like The Da Vinci Code’s mixing of some fact with a great deal of fiction, Escober’s Givenchy Code also supports his Grail’s identity with astounding factual evidence. There is also definitely the potential here that readers may take The Givenchy Code ‘secret’ as fact and may become profoundly troubled by it. Uh-oh, it looks like the Vatican has another apocryphal problem on its pious hands. It certainly appears like a baptism of fire for the new Pope Benedict XVI.

ER Escober’s The Givenchy Code: An Homage and A Parody is available at and

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