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Wednesday, March 09, 2005



Ron Howard, the all-American boy "Opie Taylor" and "Richie Cunningham", is planning an anti-Christian movie. Hmmmm. The devil is certainly active. We should not fret because this is a good opportunity to speak the truth to others. We can use the book and movie as points of departure. There may not be enough of us but maybe some will be shown the truth.

Nancy Brown

"Meaty"? This is one word that does NOT describe DVC. Light, fluffy, splenda and tissue paper are words that come to mind.

I agree with Paz above, the devil is involved in this.
I'm glad your book is out. I mention it in an article that will be out shortly (April) in This Rock. Hope you like it!

Sean Gallagher

A few weeks ago I spoke with Barbara Nicolosi, of Act One fame, about the progress on the film and if there was a timeline for completion.

She said that they haven't even gotten the script finished yet and working on it has been the real sticking point.

I wonder why? A movie filled with lectures wouldn't be that exciting.

Carl Olson

The movie is slated to be released in mid-May 2006. I've also heard that they are having problems with the script. The novel is essentially a soap opera with much (false) intellectual pretense and loads of anti-Catholic blathering, which doesn't make for much of a major motion picture. It wouldn't shock me if it either flopped, or was at least raked over the coals by many critics. One can always hope, I suppose...


If there's a delay in the script it's probably over an attempt to get the right quota of verbal profanity and immoral nudity into it. Any word on who the actors/actresses may be?

Carl Olson

Tom Hanks is playing Robert Langdon, the "hero." Audrey Tautou is playing Sophie Neveu and Jean Reno is playing French police captain Bezu Fache. Here's a link:

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