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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Joseph Previtali

If only His Excellency would read St. Thomas' Treatise on Law, he would understand that the discipline of the Church falls under the New Law in the Spirit.

"Nevertheless the New Law contains certain things that dispose us to receive the grace of the Holy Ghost, and pertaining to the use of that grace: such things are of secondary importance, so to speak, in the New Law; and the faithful need to be instructed concerning them, both by word and writing, both as to what they should believe and as to what they should do." (IaIIae, 106, i.)

Good point on the implication that the Church's law stands in opposition to proper freedom. We are so misguided today in how we use the word and think about freedom. Thanks to William of Occam, freedom has been treated as something distinct from our human nature and something only of the will -- what we today would call "license". This has even plagued the language of some of the Church's magisterial formulations. It seems to me that it will only be when our notion of freedom is corrected -- in our thinking and in our speaking -- that the beautiful moral teaching of Christ will be fully understood and accepted.


I realize the Mass is not something to be interrupted or disturbed. However, has it never occurred to any Catholic to stand up during one of Lynch's (or Grahmann's or Gumbleton's or Egan's...) bullshit festivals and shout, "Excuse me, but if you're going to preach heresy and lies, why don't you find yourself some nice episcopalian church to do it in?"

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