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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Russell Clark

I think we should define what WWIII means. Many would argue that in 1989 we won WWIII with the demise of the Soviet Union. Clearly the cold war involved many nations fighting a 40 year war that cost many lives and many billions of dollars.

Many believe we are currently in WWIV that begin in the early 90's. Let's not forget that Islamic Terrorists attacked the US six times during the 90's. So while Islamic Terrorists recognized they were at war, the US government didn't. Our percieved weakness resulted in 9/11.

I agree with Mr. Olsen's notion that President Bush has a very long term vision. I personally believe we have now entered what could be a 40 year long war with Islamic Terrorist's. Afghanistan and Iraq are just the first in a serious of salvos that will last the rest of my lifetime.

I also doubt seriously that President Bush thinks any of this has anything to do with so called "Rapture"

I suspect the writer that Mr. Olsen is responding to is a liberal Democrat who has a built in prejudice against both Fundamentalist, Evangelicals and conservatives and perhaps he believes that most conservatives must be Religious Kooks.

alan haley

First and foremost our president is Lucerferian and in front of cameras, Methodist, take heed that no one decieve you, No 1 warning from our Lord. Another passage to paraphrase, be not amazed that they appear as children of light because their Father will also. Wake up, The time is at hand when you had better have your Gospel Armor on, which will seal your mind to the truth.

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