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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Eric Giunta

"(Subsequent papal requests for action in other countries weren’t uniformly obeyed.)"

I don't see how this exonerates the papacy. It's because the Pope was DISOBEYED that more of the Kinghts didn't perish.

And besides, I think we're missing the point here.

It is my understanding the current organization calling itself the "Kingths Templar" has absolutely no decendence from the original Order of Monks. If this is true, then are the owed an apology? And wouldn't an apology actually serve to vindicate their own foolish claim to be descended from the original Knights?

Pat Norris

If they were descended from the original Knights they might have a claim for an apology. If they are a reconsituted order of Knights, then they might want to take actions to clear the names of their patrons. Which I think can be done in a way that does not bring scandal on the Church and the Pope.

But it sounds like they are wanting to make a name for themselves. That does not sound like it is an organization that holds to what the Knights Templar originally stood for.

Sandra Miesel

I think the Pope could apologize for the papacy's craven role in the suppression of the original Knights, but there's no modern group legitimately descended from them. The Knight Templar degree is the summit of Royal Arch Freemasonry and I think it's some of these people behind the demand for an apology.


There does indeed appear to be a reconstituted order of knights, which also appears to be a Catholic organization formed with permission of the Papacy.


Well now, if the Knights Templar are the summit of Royal Arch Freemasonry and they are in fact the ones demanding the apology, I say we hold out until they apologize to us for the damage their organization has caused us over the years. One being the attempted destruction of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Amazing what a little DVC press can do for a group.

Col William LeSpyer III KOPT

First Let me say thank you for this forum.
I have been a student for 30 years of the 12th 13th and 14th a decade each. With The Chinon document that Dr Frale found there is evidence that in fact Clement V tried to Save the Order. He still was a puppet of King Phillipe "the UnFair" and did not force the King to exonerate the templars. Interesting both the Pope and King died right after the SLOW ROASTING burnig at the state of GM DeMolay.
The Catholic position is unwaiverable about freemasons it is "incompatible with Christianity" so any attempt by an organization with masonic members would be immediatly excluded. There are only two unbroken lines to the Knight Templars and none have a mason among them.

Col Will

Paula McKenzie

See also 'The Vatican, The Mafia, Money-Laundering, And Freemasonry'!

henric Lavaise(lavis)

sante sante sante,the council of chaplains and the 'acting',grand master have no authority to ask for an apology.The family of JBM and st.clair have long known the truth behind the many conspiracies and certainly hold no blame(in fact the opposite)towards the french govt and papacy.Vale H

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