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Michael Cusack

The Bagniant Work and the Da Vinci Code rehash a rumour that has been around for centuries.
However the Cusacks are of the Blood of the Kings of Frankia [now France]and have been in Ireland since 1170
And knew that they were descendant of Marie Petite and Sir Geoffrey de Cusack of Killeen Co Meath 1172AD settlement.
Yet there is no trace of the more important rumour advanced by the DA Vinci Code.
The Novel is simply that a novel.

however St mary Magdalene may have suffered denigration arising from the Apostoles dislike of her and she may have been an important Desciple and an Apostle. Certainly there are too many ancient churches dedicated to her for her to have been a prostitute.

And the legend of La Sainte Baum and the landing in the Camarge of the Three Marys supports this approach.

Even if true the rumour that Jesus the Christ and St Mary Magdalene were married and had a daughter should not disturb the established churches as they have done a very good job of cililising the Romans and the world with caring religious effort. Anyway science and enhamced DNA and computor mathematics shall eventually prove the matter one way or another.
The Rumor if true in not relevant to spiritual authority.
As the Churches have done a marvellous job over the two milleniae.


*However the Cusacks are of the Blood of the Kings of Frankia [now France]and have been in Ireland since 1170*

I knew there was something weird about John and Joan ever since I saw High Fidelity!

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