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Cristina A. Montes

I wonder if the participants of the TDVC tours get to try taking a train at Temple Station to get from Temple Church to King's College. :P

Cristina A. Montes

An afterthought: perhaps we should organize "Da Vinci Hoax Tours" where participants do things like walking from Temple Church to King's College and to Temple Station to get an idea of the actual relative distances between them, or try to yank the "Madonna of the Rocks" from the wall. :P


WHAT??!?!?!?! that's not real??? Then the whole novel is a piece of trash, i'll go advice everyone i know against read it because even if it is fiction it doesn't get its geography right a we know how important an accurate geography is in a fiction novel ... what are you guys going to "expose" next? That there's no one called Robert Langdon in Harvard?

What do you think of this title: "The inaccuracies of the Middle Earth, geography for Tolkien" ? Send me an email and we'll get rich.

On a final note, the las paragraph of this blog entry is just silly ... why would i trust a novel about any kind of historical facts it deals with while the story develops ? ... the only way that can happen is if my IQ is low enough to make me unable to distinguish a novel from a history book. Co uld people with such a low IQ possibly exist?

Domenico Bettinelli Jr.

Carl: I just finished reading DVC myself and I'm a little curious. Doesn't Brown actually have them leaving the Abbey and walking through the cloisters to the Chapterhouse? Don't get me wrong, I don't trust a single thing in the book. Nearly everything is indeed wrong, but I'm wondering whether this particular criticism is correct. Or maybe his writing is so overwrought that I didn't understand what he was describing.

Cristina A. Montes

P9: If you actually take Tolkien seriously, you'd see that although his world is made up, it has interior consistency. He actually made maps of the worlds he created, and if you actually refer to the maps while reading his descriptions of places and how long and difficult it takes for characters to get from one place to another, you'd find that his descriptions are logical and likely. For Tolkien, even a fantasy writer has to make his fantasy world convincing -- which is what distinguishes his fantasy from inferior fantasy.

If a good fantasy writer is one who makes his made-up world convincing, all the more should a writer of historical fiction make his background convincing. Well, actually, he only has to if he wants to be called a GOOD writer of fiction.


Yes Cristina, i really enjoy Tolkien's book. I see you're implying that Dan Brown is not a good fiction writer, i've only read the DVC so i really can't comment on that.

Cristina A. Montes

"Yes Cristina, i really enjoy Tolkien's book."

Wait till you find out what Tolkien's religion is. :D (evil laugh)


Cristina his religion didn't affect his ability to write nor how much i enjoy his books.

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