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... and we should believe blindly in her totally unbiased opinion about the subject.

"Could the movie be as bad as the novel"

hahahaahaha now that's a kicker. If the movie is "as bad" as the novel, then 30 million people will watch it.

... if you only your book was a bad as the novel, eh Carl?

Carl Olson

"... if you only your book was a bad as the novel, eh Carl?"

Yes, if only. But that would mean lowering my standards down to your level. And we both know that ain't gonna happen.


Project 9:
Here's what 'll happen. On opening day and a fews date later; a week maximum, a lot of people will rush to see it. Once they do, the movie will sink in the 2nd week by word of mouth, blog posts, TV interviews on just how dull it was, or the movie didn't match the book, or they'll relize just how much of a doofus Langdon is and Sophie's a ditzy airhead that makes Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie look commonsensical in comparasion.

I bet the Sony execs are drinking Maalox by the carton and swearing to themsleves of how Playstation 3 must subsidize this dud.


Cristina A. Montes

I heard someone in the advertising industry say, "The best way to kill a bad product is through good advertising."


I don't think it has anything to do with standards, i think it has more to do with the ability to write a book as appealing as TDVC.



Remove the "e" and add another "l" to the word "appealing", and I can agree with you.

Kathryn Grover

Ugh, I don't think Playstation 3 could save Sony. They're turning it into the next Betamax.


Xavier: she is. When Carl said that his next project was to debunk Danielle Steele, I assumed he was writing tongue-in- cheek, and responded in the same vein.

I realize that our attempts at humour can sometimes miss the mark when we are communicating electronically instead of face-to-face.


OOPS! please ignore the above post. It was intended for another thread. DUH!

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