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Staff, A Gaggle of Deer TM

The staff of A Gaggle of Deer TM, (sharperthandull.blogspot.com) would like to say that we were there, and that interviewing Carl was a delight. It was no picnic of course... Not that we wouldn't have enjoyed chatting with Carl over some apple pie and potato salad, it's just that we were unable to find a suitable place to put the blanket down... a place with a nice view would have been good. Oh and perhaps a nice bottle of Shiraz or something... maybe some international cheeses. We at A Gaggle of Deer TM, would like to say that indeed interviewing Carl was terribly fun, but we would have liked to have a picnic. It was a sunny day... mild... it would have been a good day for a picnic. Still. Take a read. Really. After a day of debunking, there's nothing quite like Interviewing with A Gaggle of Deer TM. Carl, perhaps a rain-check on the picnic?

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