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RC of strangeculture

Very interesting and random number.

I actually to be honest think it'll do better than that...especially with the amazing publicity machine they've got rollen.

I totally think the lawsuit that just got thrown out was all publicity...I think you'll enjoy my post from a couple days ago...here's the title of the article...

Those who Benefited from The Da Vinci Code Lawsuit...search for it...

It's right up the ally for viewers and readers of this blog.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com


Apparently someone else wants to sue Dan Brown for Plagiarism. Check it out here,

Cristina A. Montes

I clicked on the above link. It contains some adult material. But just the same, it's interesting that someone from Russia is also interested in suing Dan Brown for plagiarism. It makes you wonder all the more how TDVC became popular -- all these lawsuits show that it could not even have been the novelty of its ideas, because its ideas are hardly new.

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