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Paul H

Great article. But the second-to-last paragraph says "Many local parishes are inviting Wilson to speak." I assume they meant "Olson" instead of "Wilson"?

Carl Olson

Yes, that should have been "Olson." However, parishes are free to invite Wilson as well, although I don't know who he is. ;-)

Paul H

Hopefully it's not the evil king Wilson from the land of Gamehendge. :-)

(If you listen to Phish, you will probably get that reference -- otherwise I'm sure it makes absolutely no sense. But the Phish song "Wilson" popped into my head when I saw that name.)

Paul H

By the way, this also reminds me of something that bothers me about the way that most journalists write news stories. Near the beginning of the story, they will quote someone by saying something like, "John Smith, head of Catholic-Bashers Inc., says that Dan Brown's novel is brilliantly researched." Then ten paragraphs later, out of the blue they will pull out this person's last name again, and say "Smith says that he is looking forward to the Da Vince Code movie." But by this point, I have forgotten who "Smith" is, and I end up scanning the entire article to try to figure out who they are talking about. (And I thought that had happened in this case with "Wilson", until I realized there was no previous mention of "Wilson" in the article.)

Anyway, that has long been one of my pet peeves about journalists and news articles in general. Glad I got that off my chest. :-)

Paul H

Oops, that should be "Da Vinci Code", not "Da Vince Code".

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