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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Joe M

It will be fascinating to see if Rome reacts with any decisiveness. I say "fascinating," but I guess I mean telling… Whether our passivity in the culture wars is going to be a quiet steadfastness or a blind looking the other way. To date, and it very much seems like the latter, with a lot of smiling and affirming from leaders. For every cardinal Mueller, there is a cardinal Kasper and groups of nuns being told to not take around to seriously! It is all too reminiscent of my time in the Episcopal church, where orthodoxy was affirmed while simultaneously undermined, until the bottom finally fell out.

Bill Mosca

It is bad enough to take a quote out of context;it is far worse to quote a part of a sentence and portray it as the complete sentence. When quoting someone, please have enough respect for that person and the reader to quote the entire sentence or at least to indicate that the quote is only a partial one.

Thank you, however, for providing a link to the keynote address so I could appreciate how nuanced Sister Schreck's entire address was.

Joe  M

These nuns would be far more at home on secular college faculties than in orders. BM's comment prompted me to go read the entire speech. The quote is in no way out of context. In fact, if you read her full words with the knowledge of all the recent controversies, Carey's points ring even more true. As for Sister's 'nuance,' anyone who came of age in mainline Protestantism will flinchingly recognize it as borrowed boilerplate rhetoric of the World Council of Churches. She quotes a wealth of liberal journalists and heroes, but in terms of Catholic source material, can manage -- surprise -- Vatican II documents, an obscure von Balthasar quote and of course, no direct quotations from Scripture.

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