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Sunday, March 23, 2014



"Robert Reilly is to be admired for tackling such an explosive topic ..."

Something of an understatement, LOL.


Hopefully the book summary does include this statement:
"Sex is for babies & bonding, and babies & bonding belong in marriage;
only a man and woman can bond, only a man and woman can conceive."

How did we come to not understand the meaning of sex for the first time in recorded human history?
"Widespread Contraception."

How many Catholics have heard this simple statement from the pulpit?
"Hardly anyone...."


I'm afraid that no rational arguments can stop the homosexual smoke-and-mirrors act because it is not addressed to reason but to a much more persuasive faculty - emotions. Hence a crude slogan (for example, "love is love") has much more power than a well-argued treatise. In other words, we are going to go not with a bang but with an emotive whimper...

charlie balsam

I am sure I do not fully know the limits and protocol for homiletics and what is appropriate for pulpit content. Using it as a "bully pulpit" (because you can) may or may not be prudent or effective, esp. when you addressing congregants from age 7 to 97. Most Catholics know the Church's position (articulate or not) on marital issues, mostly as what we are against. I suspect being talked at more is largely unconvincing.

As with my usual response on this wonderful site re the Church and marriage, IF we are to make any progress in faith formation of our people, the thread has to follow from high school faith formation, into marriage preparation, and at least infant baptism preparation (which is a woefully missed opportunity to do marriage enrichment and catechesis). And, I suspect first reconciliation and Eucharist formation - ALL FOR ADULTS! Marital dissatisfaction has been shown to commence after the arrival of children. And that's about the time the couples/parents drop out (after a one-session boring class on baptism) and we deal with their children. They get to go to meetings, fill out forms, etc.

So if we are not only to reverse the dissolution of marriage (and scandal of so many declarations of nullity), we need to do formation, not just pass on in-formation. And that takes prayer, strategy, courage, and perseverance. All I pick up from bishops and the prep for the Oct Synod on family are concerns about how to get our teaching across. I'd rather we be concerned with how to form our people over time. Expediency is the 8th capital sin, and its worked against our mission of evangelization, which is a comprehensive process not a program or eloquent speech.

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