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Monday, September 16, 2013


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I want to be encouraged by these comments. Honestly. But I sort of have to laugh and wince. Have we come to a point where we need reassurance that the Pope is not endorsing liberation theology? And is it reassuring to know that "when it came to liberation theology, Bergoglio 'adopted a position of maintaining dialogue with everyone without getting involved in the issue'"? It all sounds like Please Everyone Washington-like spin.

In this age when communication is so advanced and so precise, it is curious how signals from the Vatican allow for so much elbow room on all sides. Or maybe that is on purpose. But from the comments quoted, the armchair theologian in me would surmise that the Pope endorses liberation theologian pruned of its typical Marxist ripples. Whether good or bad, it remains confusing for a layman, and it would be nice to get some extended teaching on the balance between advocating for change here and now, and hoping for redemption in eternity. I guess a revisit of the CDF document on liberation theology is in order...


At least the Pope is not a Marxist. Cold comfort.

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