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Saturday, September 07, 2013



Jesus certainly showed anger, maybe even a sense of hate, when he drove the money changers from the temple. That was not an overt 'act of love' The young woman is sadly off track. She might end up where many of 'our separated brethren are today', love everyone, crucified Christ is diminished in teaching to the point where His Corpus doesn't even appear on crosses in their churches, if they even have them. I also believe there is a translation problem with the word 'hate' in this Gospel passage. I looked it up once and there wasn't really a word in Hebrew that meant this and the Greek wasn't much help either. It seemed to be in the sense of the article above, you just have to walk away from the earthly entanglements, pick up your cross and follow Him totally. Hard to do, but Jesus doesn't really mince words on this notion anywhere in The Gospels.

John Darrouzet

I urge you to reconsider your linguistic analysis of what Jesus means by "hate" after you encounter Richard Kuklinski [ ].

Kuklinski was raised by Catholic parents, was an altar boy, had a family, and was an usher at his local parish.

He was also a contract killer for the Mob.

He did a series of interviews with a forensic psychiatrist that are available for watching on YouTube. While I certainly think adults would benefit from watching them to learn more about what is going on outside our sheltered lives, for our present discussion I only recommend you watch one part of his interview found on YouTube at this link: [ ]. Start viewing at minute 57:00 on this version.

Jesus was not urging hatred in the extreme. Rather he was indirectly acknowledging the kind of hatred he was experiencing from those who did not understand what it means to follow him.


So for example...if one is married and faces the sin of contraception should he forego contracepting and ANY intimate relations that are not open to life and thus risk his marriage? Not trying to trip you however I am presenting a real(-istic) scenario.

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